Graham Averill

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Trips for Outdoor Parents

Maybe you just had your first child and you want to maintain your adventurous lifestyle, or maybe you’re on kid number six and think it’s time to get back into the outdoors. Either way, our panel of expert adventure mommies and daddies dish their secrets to outdoor success with the kids.
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24 Hours of Sci-Fi

There isn’t much in this world that’s more terrifying than crash landing on an island teeming with genetically enhanced baboons. This is what you learn when you’re forced to watch 24 hours of the Sci-Fi Channel because of a mystery illness that causes you to pass out whenever you stand up. Getting sick is inevitable, but why does it always seem to happen when you have epic outdoor plans?
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Blackwater Canyon: Our Next National Park?

Apparently, death threats aren’t that big of a deal in West Virginia. When a state senator claimed certain environmentalists threatened to kill her and three other people over a piece of legislation that would fund a National Park feasibility study in the Highlands of West Virginia, nobody seemed too concerned.