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  • I have been a writer/producer/photographer, video and still, for WSPA Television for 20 years. I am passionate about writing and photography and would like to freelance for BRO. Would you please direct me to the person that can give me the information I need. Thanks, Haden

  • I am looking to purchase a single copy of your March issue. Please contact be with information regarding how I can obtain a copy.

    Thank you,


  • Hi,

    We would love to have you review our product. To receive an AirHead to review please email us at

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    -it lets you ride to work and not worry about unprofessional/messy hair.
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    Here's a link to the site and FB page. We launched today and have already seen a huge number of orders (Its something people really wanted).

    Kind regards,

    Jesse Peacock.

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  • I very much appreciate BRO and look forward to it each month. It is an invaluable resource especially for people beginning to explore the outdoors in the Blue Ridge.

    One teensy criticism in the March 2012 issue. On the last page, Happy Trails, your info about Panthertown Valley is misleading or perhaps just overly general. When you say "the trails are not marked" do you mean that they are not blazed or not signed? Many of the trails are signed and there is an excellent map called "A Guide's Guide to Panthertown" by Burt Kornegay, SlickRock Expeditions, 2009. Yes, it is very easy to get lost because there are many unsigned trails drawn as "footpaths" on Kornegay's map and even more faint trails not marked OR designated on the map, but his map certainly can get you around to see the highlights of this beautiful area.

    Sorry, a second critique: When giving overviews of an area, a mention should be made of any "friends" organizations associated with the area, or even links to the websites if you don't have a policy against including websites. The Friends of Panthertown's website is an excellent resource for following up on the high-level overview that BRO gives.

    Again, thanks for all you do to promote the outdoors (especially Western NC)

  • Hello,
    I make my living as a chef, nutrition consultant, freelance writer and recipe developer. I currently contribute to various publications throughout the country, writing about topics including food, nutrition, travel, and outdoor adventure. I was wondering if the folks at BRO would be interested in a monthly recipe, along with some brief nutrition info that would pertain to the active outdoor athlete.

    Shoot me a line if this sounds like it might be appealing to both the staff and the monthly readers.

    Best regards,

  • BRO-
    My wife and I just placed an ad with you for your March/April editions of BRO. Although we were happy with our ad and working with your excellent staff, we were very disappointed that you did not feature a fly-fisherman/woman on the front cover, particularly with so many fly-fishing businesses paying for advertising. We were under the belief that fly-fishing was going to be the featured sport in this edition. I hope that you will consider this for the future.

    Jim Heafner

  • I love yor magazine and had been getting it at Ram's Head Bookstore here in Roanoke. Sadly, they have closed and there is no more magazine rack. Where can I pick one up ? Thanks, and keep up the good work.

  • To Whom It May Conern:

    The Washington DC Triathlon regretfully announces the cancellation of the June 17 triathlon to be held in Washington DC . The event, which is held on National Park Service property, was recently denied the required Park Service permit for the 2012 race.

    Can you remove this event from your events calendar?

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