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26 Jul 12
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The Best Mountain Towns poll is closed, but you can vote for your favorite places, things, trends, people, and more in our Best of the Blue Ridge Reader’s Choice Poll!

The Votes Are In!

Over 85,000 votes poured in for our Best Mountain Towns Contest, which wrapped up last weekend. Readers across the Blue Ridge region rallied for their favorite towns and generated a deluge of responses.

Readers celebrated the trails, rivers, restaurants, pubs, outfitters, and especially the people of their favorite towns. We will be highlighting all 38 of our nominated towns in the November issue of Blue Ridge Outdoors Magazine and including specific comments from voters who chimed in.

In our small towns category, the results came down to the final week—and even the final hour—of voting. One town led the polls for most of the six weeks of voting, but a late run by another town made for an exciting finish. Both towns represent what’s best about the Blue Ridge: small outdoor hamlets nestled in the heart of mountain adventure.

Which towns won? Pick up the November issue of Blue Ridge Outdoors Magazine to find out.

Congratulations to all 38 towns for mustering so much support from residents and visitors. As the overwhelming participation in our poll indicates, people feel passionately about their home towns and favorite adventure hotspots.


  • Ivote for Hot Springs, N.C.. Just great!

    Tom Brown   17 Sep 12, 9:16 am

  • Ivote for Hot Springs,North Carolina.

    Mary Brown   17 Sep 12, 9:12 am

  • I vote for Hot Springs

    George Sharkey   17 Sep 12, 7:54 am

  • Hot Springs, NC by far is the best little mountain town. Its scenery is breathtaking, it offers the Appalachian Trail, river rafting, fishing,cabins, quaint, family-owned restuarants and of course, the Hot Springs Spa and Resort!

    Wendy B   17 Sep 12, 7:00 am

  • When are the results from the recent contest, “Best Mountain Town” going to be published? Thanks in advance for your rapid response. Best Regards Jim

    James Catchings   17 Sep 12, 3:55 am

  • Chattanooga, Tn

    janice porter   16 Sep 12, 8:37 pm


    amanda   16 Sep 12, 5:22 pm

  • Hot Springs, NC

    Holly   16 Sep 12, 4:30 pm

  • Hot Springs is the most beautiful and peaceful place on earth.

    Sherry   16 Sep 12, 4:15 pm

  • My vote goes to Hot Springs, NC

    Marshall McLaughlin   16 Sep 12, 3:44 pm

  • Hot Springs. Lots of history and things to do.

    Ernie Banzhoff   16 Sep 12, 3:07 pm

  • Hot Springs, hands down. What a wonderful spot! Good food and good music as WELL as great hiking, camping, and soaking in natural hot spring water!

    Lalla McGee   16 Sep 12, 2:53 pm

  • I vote for Hot Springs,NC

    Debbie Killingsworth   16 Sep 12, 2:06 pm

  • I vote for Hot Springs, N.C.

    Rose   16 Sep 12, 1:40 pm

  • What better town to be #1 than Davis in West Virgina? Not only is the scenery breathtakingly spectacular, but it is home to some very famous names you may have heard of before. Help get this town more notification by voting for it to take a spot in number 1!

    Mike Stellwagen   16 Sep 12, 12:54 pm

  • I need Davis Wv to win. k

    Clara Wallace   16 Sep 12, 12:19 pm

  • Would love to vote for Chattanooga if we could only figure out how…

    Carolyn Roberson   16 Sep 12, 12:14 pm

  • People cannot figure out how to vote – your website needs improvement!

    Carolyn Roberson   16 Sep 12, 12:13 pm

  • Need to be clearer about voting rules. You’ve got lots of people voting, but we can’t tell when polls close and it’s game over. That seems a little lame.

    Dan Price   15 Sep 12, 6:39 pm

  • Davis, W. Va for Best Small Mountain Town

    Eric Amparan   15 Sep 12, 6:14 pm

  • Davis WV

    Terry Chandler   15 Sep 12, 5:58 pm

  • Go Hot Springs! This town has a strong community, simple (in all the good ways) culture, and, if you experience what’s all around you, you may lose your breath. If you look in the right places, you’ll never get bored here.

    Kevin   15 Sep 12, 5:38 pm

  • Hands Down, Hot Springs N.C. We love it so much that we eloped and were married on the banks of The French Broad River, in Hot Springs with Kayakers going by.
    It is a beautiful, friendly, fun place with nice people and really good food.

    Deborah Gonzales   15 Sep 12, 5:37 pm

  • I am voting for Hot Springs, NC!
    It’s quiet beauty make it one of my favorite places to visit!!

    AN   15 Sep 12, 5:29 pm

  • Damascus, VA/Ashville N.C. and Chattanooga TN can’t be beat, real outdoor adventures abound. Lived in Knox for 5 years and it’s too commercialized (fake). Too many weekend warriors with the latest and greatest for my taste.

    Shane   15 Sep 12, 4:53 pm

  • Davis, WV

    Kim Betler   15 Sep 12, 4:39 pm

  • Knoxville, TN!!

    jonathan grindall   15 Sep 12, 3:11 pm

  • Hot Springs is my home. Born and raised here. Im proud to say this is where im from.There is no better place to raise children. No better place to call home.

    jennifer sawyer   15 Sep 12, 2:11 pm

  • I am trying to vote today for my favorite town (Hot Springs, NC, Asheville, NC and Wash, DC) and it doesn’t show the areas to click and make your choice…it just shows the tallies of each town!! This is unfair, especially since it is so close.

    Please let me know what to do…or, at least, please add my vote!

    Ron Pagano

    Ron Pagano   15 Sep 12, 1:26 pm

  • Hot Springs, N.C. has a lot of culture for a small town but a wonderful place to just lay back and relax and enjoy the beauty and hospitality of the people. I’m ready to go again. The Mountain Magnolia Inn is my favorite place to stay! You meet wonderful people from all over there.

    Joyce Burnette   15 Sep 12, 12:08 pm

  • Hey, why have you changed something where I can’t vote for my favorite small mountain city??? MY VOTE IS CAST FOR HOT SPRINGS N.C.!

    Sandra   15 Sep 12, 10:40 am

  • We stayed two nights at Mountain Magnolia at Hot Springs NC found it very peaceful. Love the huge Walnut tree on the grounds.

    Dale   15 Sep 12, 10:28 am

  • Davis wv

    Laurel   15 Sep 12, 9:26 am

  • Davis gets my vote. It’s absolutely beautiful. The people are friendly and welcoming. It’s very laid back..locally owned shops and eateries. If you want to hike, bike, walk, swim, fish, or raft down the beautiful Blackwater Canyon…this is the place to be! Or if you just want to sit on the porch – breathe in the fresh air and take in the local scenery – it’s beautiful and relaxing. Davis is definitely the place to be

    Christine   15 Sep 12, 9:18 am

  • Davis, WV is by far the BEST mountain town!!!!

    Lisa Foster   15 Sep 12, 9:17 am

  • Roanoke, Virginia!

    Amanda Gunsaulis   14 Sep 12, 6:17 pm

  • Hot Springs NC. Beautiful, relaxing and I wish I was there now!

    Jeanie   14 Sep 12, 6:16 pm

  • Gogogogo! DAVIS, W. Va

    Magnus   14 Sep 12, 5:55 pm

  • Knoxville, TN!!!

    Trevor   14 Sep 12, 3:56 pm

  • Go Hot Springs, NC !!!

    jon curtis   14 Sep 12, 3:30 pm

  • Hot Springs, N.C. Wish I could he there now.

    J.B.   14 Sep 12, 2:42 pm

  • Sandra, go to And thank you!

    Nancy   14 Sep 12, 2:32 pm

  • Davis, WV

    Of course!

    Al Harvey   14 Sep 12, 1:33 pm

  • I am voting, or want to do so, for Hot Springs NC as the very best small mountain town. We were there in May this year and loved everything!!!!

    Hated Davis WV however. They would only cash a local ‘worker’ check even though we have plenty of proper ID. The bank treated us like we were from ‘another world’. We will never go back there for that reason. The people in the bank were rude.

    Sandra   14 Sep 12, 1:25 pm

  • I want to vote for Hot Springs NC as my favorite small town but your new set up won’t allow me to vote. Why???

    Sandra   14 Sep 12, 1:20 pm

  • West Virginia to me is the most beautiful State on Earth.. & It has So Much of Gods Beauty & Splender to offer… The Mountians, the Changing Color of the Trees, the Rivers,Lakes & Streams…the Wild Life.. & the Down Home Nature of West Virginia Folks is Priceless….

    Nancy L.Sparks   14 Sep 12, 11:11 am


    Angie Inglese   14 Sep 12, 11:11 am

  • Davis, WV for sure!!!!

    Caleb Johnson   14 Sep 12, 10:07 am

  • Davis/Canaan Valley, WV best all-round recreational spot in the mid-atlantic/southeast. Easily reached from major metro (not too easy though) areas; all season biking, hiking, fishing, camping, birdwatching, wilderness exploring, wetland biology; high alpine unspoiled environment. We also have some of the best pow-pow for all types of skiing/snowboarding/cross-country/nordic downhill. You gotta see it to believe it! Outdoor people of the best kind. Sound too good to be true? – NOT! (Livin’ the life and lovin’ Tucker County, WV – 26 years now and holding)

    Ginny   14 Sep 12, 9:51 am

  • Davis/Canaan Valley, WV best all-round recreational spot in the mid-atlantic/southeast. Easily reached from major metro (not too easy though) areas; all season biking, hiking, fishing, camping, birdwatching, wilderness exploring, wetland biology; high alpine unspoiled environment. We also have some of the best pow-pow for all types of skiing/snowboarding/cross-country/nordic downhill. You gotta see it to believe it! Outdoor people of the best kind. Sount too good to be true? – NOT! (Livin’ the life and lovin’ Tucker County, WV – 26 years now and holding)

    Ginny   14 Sep 12, 9:50 am

  • Davis, WV

    lance   14 Sep 12, 9:31 am

  • Hot Springs has my vote. It is so beautiful. It has four seasons. Good friendly people and a wonderful history that is so enteresting.

    DJ Swing   14 Sep 12, 8:17 am

  • Hot Springs, NC. Small town, big fun.

    Scott   14 Sep 12, 7:45 am

  • Hot Springs, NC! It is “in the middle of the most”! Whitewater rafting, kayaking, mountain biking, road biking(don’t forget great Hot Doggett 100 compettition), and did I mention hikng? The Appalachian Trail runs right through the town but since Hot Springs is virtually surrounded by the Pisgah National Forest there are trails leading in all directions…along the creeks, along the incredible river, Lover’s Leap, Spring Creek, Rocky Bluff, Max Patch, Paint Rock etc. etc. The festivals are great too such as Bluff Mountain Music Festival, Trailfest, Riverfest etc. Don’t forget soaking in the amazing hot springs and eating at the retaurants. Check out the the local artisians at the shops and gallaries. Most of all don’t forget to sit back, relax and soak in the most beautiful mountain scenery!

    Steve   14 Sep 12, 7:21 am

  • I voted

    Jenny   14 Sep 12, 2:05 am

  • HOT SPRINGS is a great place to live and a great place to share!
    Being a small business owner in the town of Hot Springs, I love sharing our tiny town with all the wonderful folks who visit here. Whether its whitewater rafting, hiking the Appalachian Trail, soaking in the mineral hot springs or shopping and dining out, I love hearing all the comments about how much FUN they have, how RELAXING the trip has been and how FRIENDLY everyone is!
    We call it ‘Southern Hospitality—–Mountain-style!’
    Come visit SOON and experience it for yourselves!

    Sunny   13 Sep 12, 10:40 pm

  • Davis, WV!!

    Rachel   13 Sep 12, 10:40 pm

  • Davis, WV!!!

    Margie Epperly   13 Sep 12, 9:48 pm

  • Hot Springs, NC. Hands down.

    Steve Tweed   13 Sep 12, 9:45 pm

  • I vote Hot Springs, NC!!

    Billie Richards   13 Sep 12, 9:28 pm

  • I voted for hot springs

    layne weaver   13 Sep 12, 8:38 pm

  • i voted

    Linda Lowe   13 Sep 12, 6:35 pm

  • Hot Springs,, NC

    Kaye Coleman   13 Sep 12, 6:04 pm

  • My vote is for Hot Springs! The town is basically Mayberry and we’re proud of it!

    Kate   13 Sep 12, 5:25 pm

  • Blowing Rock, NC
    Best small town feel, close to Boone but worlds away from hustle and bustle of The rest of our lives!

    Brian hills   13 Sep 12, 4:33 pm

  • I vote for Hot Springs. It’s an awesome little town in the Blue Ridge Mountains where you can enjoy everything the outdoors has to offer as well as great food and quaint accomodations. Of course the natural hot springs are just an added bonus. Pure bliss..

    Kristi   13 Sep 12, 4:19 pm

  • I vote for Hot Springs. It’s an awesome little town in the Blue Ridge Mountains where you can enjoy everything the oudoors has to offer as well as great food and quaint accomodations. Of course the natural hot springs are just an added bonus. Pure bliss..

    Kristi   13 Sep 12, 4:13 pm

  • Go Roanoke!!!!

    Elizabeth   13 Sep 12, 2:00 pm

  • The Mountain Magnolia Inn & Retreat is one of the Best B&B’s in the USA! Pete & his entire staff are 5 star!

    Rich & Bambi Berman   13 Sep 12, 10:38 am


    Jonathan manning   13 Sep 12, 10:00 am

  • I would say Hot Springs.

    joshua   13 Sep 12, 9:39 am

  • I had never heard of Hot Springs until we went there for my daughter’s 5th grade class trip. What a great place! Beautiful drive and great little B&B’s.

    Helen   13 Sep 12, 8:23 am

  • Hot Springs, NC has a great little art gallery of local artisans.

    sarah weber   13 Sep 12, 7:53 am

  • I vote hot springs nc

    Jason A   13 Sep 12, 7:38 am

  • Hot Springs NC is an amazingly beautiful and fun getaway.

    Andrea   13 Sep 12, 7:24 am

  • My wife and I love Hot Springs, NC. Year after year we return for a relaxing time with no kids but then find ourselves returning again with the kids. Hiking, the beautiful inns, rafting, and just a perfect small town atmosphere.

    Eric Davis   13 Sep 12, 6:30 am

  • yes love the magazines :)

    Kayla Fowler   12 Sep 12, 10:11 pm


    David. Lawson   12 Sep 12, 10:00 pm

  • We visit Davis, WV at least twice a year and can’t get enough of it!! As soon as we leave to go home to the Cape we miss it; the people, the riding, the area. It is a truly amazing place.

    Terri Souza   12 Sep 12, 7:35 pm

  • Please place Black Mountain and Breevard NC on list in future.

    bob shepherd   12 Sep 12, 6:50 pm

  • I was born and raised in Hot Springs, and I’m still here. Left for about a year when I got married, but came back and bought a house here and lived here since.

    cathy stills   12 Sep 12, 6:47 pm

  • No Comment.

    Bettye   12 Sep 12, 5:14 pm

  • Hot Srings, NC offers the ultimate getaway! Scenic views, hiking, swimming, or napping in the shade. Nature at its very best!

    L. Elaine Varley   12 Sep 12, 2:32 pm

  • In ’05, Davis was recognized as one of the Top Ten Coolest Mountain Towns in North America by Men’s Journal (a national pub) without the voting shenanigans (code, scripts, giveaways). Davis was in these with Teluride, Whistler, Lake Placid, etc. In ’10 Bike Magazine designated Plantation Trail in Davis as one of the 30 Best Trails in North America without voting…simply because it is! No contest!!! Vote Davis, WV!!

    Smitty   12 Sep 12, 1:52 pm

  • I voted

    Lorelei Esser   12 Sep 12, 10:53 am

  • We love Hot Springs, N.C. The river, the hot springs, the scenic location (especially in the fall), the nearby hiking and other outdoor activities, and of course the Appalachian Trail rolling right through town and all the activity and ambience that it brings.

    Dave and Donna Byerly   12 Sep 12, 10:43 am

  • Hot Springs, NC !

    debbie kiehna   12 Sep 12, 6:05 am

  • Hot Springs…30 minutes from Asheville, NC. Beautiful town nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Perfect getaway, peaceful, scenic.

    Jerry Ellis   12 Sep 12, 12:43 am

  • My husband, Mike and I really enjoy visiting Hot Springs, NC and staying at Mountain Magnolia Inn. The staff is friendly and the rooms are lovely. We have always stayed at the Eagles’ Nest. When we aren’t grilling out over the river, we enjoy dining at the Inn! The meals are WONDERFUL!

    Bendy Shoulders   11 Sep 12, 8:23 pm

  • Hot springs NC

    Kristy Blanton   11 Sep 12, 7:45 pm

  • what happened to the small towns voting–no place to click and I wanted to vote for Hot Springs. Great little town!

    Anne   11 Sep 12, 7:06 pm

  • Asheville rocks!

    Fur Banks   11 Sep 12, 1:43 pm

  • Love Hot Springs………….friendly, accessible, easy, beautiful, lots of options

    Gary Rubin   11 Sep 12, 12:17 pm

  • Hot Springs is a wonderfully restful place to visit!

    Jenny Talburt   11 Sep 12, 11:54 am

  • I don’t know where the voting started but for one of the Small towns – Saluda, NC should have been a consideration. It is small town Americana and has hiking, biking, fishing, water rafting, waterfalls, restaurants, shopping, etc. It is one of the best small towns you will ever visit.

    Donna Potruski   11 Sep 12, 11:27 am

  • Hot Springs is the best Mountain Town, hands down. My husband and I love it so much that we got married there. The people are so friendly and it is just beautiful. I always feel at peace when we go there.

    Christine   11 Sep 12, 11:10 am

  • None

    James Hall   11 Sep 12, 9:58 am

  • Interesting website

    Walter Gibson   11 Sep 12, 9:31 am

  • LURAY, VA! We have it all right in our backyard! From the natural wonder of Luray Caverns and several other caverns a short drive away. To the Shenandoah River with camping, fishing and rafting. Up to the breath-taking views of the valley from the Skyline Drive/ Shenandoah National Park. Oh and let’s not forget the fact that Luray is only about 2 hours from DC. A quiet place to unwind, with lots friendly folks who still know the meaning of “southern hospitality.”

    Kim T.   10 Sep 12, 5:44 pm

  • Franklin, Asheville, and Cherokee N.C. are some of my favorite places in North Carolina! Also the Nantahala River area has some of the best camping, trails, and rafting!! Going on the Smokie Mountains Gatlinburg, TN has a lot to offer!! Pigeon Forge is a hop, skip and jump as well! Were hoping to move to Asheville, NC in the very near future. My husband works for our local Hospitals Trauma Unit/Helicopter Flight Team and Asheville has a great one I think he would enjoy working at! We will be there visiting the area again in October/November to check it out in person! Cant wait!!!!! I’m all open to suggestions!!! ;-)

    Sandy Sundberg   10 Sep 12, 7:53 am

  • Good luck! Visiting soon

    andy dixon   09 Sep 12, 7:37 pm

  • I voted!

    Dennis Miller   09 Sep 12, 3:48 pm

  • Hot Springs, NC

    Autumn Bailey   08 Sep 12, 3:58 pm

  • I loved Hot Springs. Would love to bring a few friends to enjoy that water.

    C Felder   08 Sep 12, 2:17 pm

  • Hot Springs!

    C Scrivens   08 Sep 12, 1:13 pm

  • I never said that before come on let me vote!

    Helen Rayner   07 Sep 12, 8:03 pm

  • wish I could vote more than once a day!

    Helen Rayner   07 Sep 12, 8:03 pm

  • hot springs north carolina is the best spot on the planet

    mickey   07 Sep 12, 7:30 pm

  • My wife and I have been to Hot Springs many times and love it! We have returned with friends and tell everyone of this wonderful get a way place.

    john scholl   07 Sep 12, 12:21 pm

  • I love the mountians especially in the fall. They remind me that God is still in control.

    Phyllis Holmes   07 Sep 12, 11:41 am

  • Love it

    John Carey   07 Sep 12, 9:52 am

  • I voted and want to win so very badly!!!!

    Jannette Cox   07 Sep 12, 8:20 am

  • Mountain Magnolia Inn makes Hot Springs special!

    Chris   06 Sep 12, 11:18 pm

  • Asheville is the best. Always will be.

    Corinne   06 Sep 12, 9:55 pm

  • I voted for Hot Springs, NC. My hometown! Love going back home every chance I get. Lovely town, surrounded by beautiful mountains. Friendly people. Hot Springs can’t be beat!

    Margaret Lewis   06 Sep 12, 5:36 pm

  • Hot Springs is a great place to go hiking, rafting, tubing, kayaking, fishing. Stay at the Magnolia Inn and enjoy some finest food and dining .

    larry cole   06 Sep 12, 5:17 pm

  • We love the Hot Springs

    joan Ross   06 Sep 12, 4:57 pm

  • Hot Springs, NC, will always hold a special place in the hearts of me and my wife. The perfect escape.

    Eric Davis   06 Sep 12, 4:46 pm

  • hot springs is the best place to really relax.

    r wagoner   06 Sep 12, 3:25 pm

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    Ten days left to vote for Asheville in 'Best Mountain Towns' poll | Ashvegas   06 Sep 12, 2:04 pm

  • Charlottesville, VA!

    gsfeder   05 Sep 12, 11:59 pm

  • Charlottesville is the BEST of all the rest!!!!!

    Sheila Johnson   05 Sep 12, 11:16 pm

  • Charlottesville,va

    Fielding   05 Sep 12, 8:52 pm

  • Hot Springs, NC! My son gave us a weekend at the Mountain Magnolia Inn and Retreat, a year or so ago – what a wonderful town! It gave us fun stores to wander into and out of, regional arts and handicrafts aplenty, a classic car show on the grounds of one of the spas (they have mineral springs-fed hot tubs in little pavilions on the river), a good ol’ train going by every now and then, fabulous food – the Inn and the Ironhorse were our two favorite restaurants, a real old-fashioned hardward store – Gentry’s, and beautiful scenery all around. We’ve been back every year since then – and will go again. So that’s my vote! Diana C. White, Atlanta area

    Diana C. White   05 Sep 12, 5:40 pm

  • Hidden Creek Cabins is the best value for you budget! The owners and staff are wonderful and the cabins and location in Bryson are fantastic! I love Hidden Creek Cabins and can’t wait for my next vacation to North Carolina!

    Denise   05 Sep 12, 10:15 am

  • Roanoke, VA. Greenways, Hiking Trails, Great Farmer’s Market and downtown eating, a river runs through it, and it has a giant electrified star on a mountain. What else could you want?

    Eli Jamison   04 Sep 12, 4:27 pm

  • how do I vote for one of these towns? i can’t find anything that tells me here.

    susan   04 Sep 12, 10:26 am

  • hot springs,nc…so near a pleasure, so beautiful and relaxing!

    debra byrom   04 Sep 12, 9:31 am

  • i voted

    Audrey Gasdorf   03 Sep 12, 10:59 pm

  • Vote for Hot Springs Nc.
    An awesome town in the Blue Ridge Mountains that Rocks!
    There is so much adventure and fun to be found! Whitewater. Camping. Spa. Shopping. And great food . The Appalachian Trail runs right through.
    A great town!

    Susan   03 Sep 12, 5:43 pm

  • enjoyed

    jane horn   02 Sep 12, 9:57 pm

  • Waynesville has more mountains sourounding it that are 6,000+ feet high than any other town east of the Mississippi. –George Thompson

    George Thompson   02 Sep 12, 9:23 pm

  • Waynesville is so special that we decided to retire here in 2011. –George Thompson

    George Thompson   02 Sep 12, 9:21 pm

  • Hot Springs, NC is still my favorite stop along the Appalachian Trail. It’s a neat little town that sits in one of the most spectacular parts of the Blue Ridge Mountains that I passed through. If you’re looking for small town charm with lots of outdoor things to do (rafting, awesome trails, soaking in the springs) then you might want to consider Hot Springs.

    Dave Young   02 Sep 12, 8:53 pm

  • We love Hot Springs, it’s where we go for special occasions. Love soaking in the tubs in the cool weather and rafting the French Broad in the summer. We live 40 minutes away and have spent Birthdays, Anniversaries, and Valentines Day at the Mountain Magnolia Inn and are always happy with the warm ambiance and service. The food, the shops, the people are all number one on our list. Catherine McPherson

    Catherine McPherson   02 Sep 12, 6:50 pm

  • Hot Springs, NC!!!!!!

    Danielle   02 Sep 12, 6:18 pm

  • Great town

    john Carey   02 Sep 12, 12:19 pm

  • I’m the owner of 4 cabins ( in Hot Springs NC and I recommend the Mountain Magnolia inn to all our guest for a great dining experiment. Great food, great views, and great people.

    Larry McCall   02 Sep 12, 11:30 am

  • Hot Springs, NC & mountain magnolia inn. Great get away

    Mary Holmes   02 Sep 12, 11:26 am

  • Hot Springs NC best tiny town in wnc mountains.

    wendy stancil   02 Sep 12, 10:36 am

  • Hot springs nc

    Meg Barbour   01 Sep 12, 5:16 pm

  • Thanks to my daughter falling in love with a North Carolina man and settling here, we now enjoy visiting this beautiful area while on holiday from our home in Scotland. We love the Blue Ridge Mountains and particularly Hot Springs and Asheville both of which have so much character, friendly people and excellent food. We enjoyed spending time in both locations last autumn and have very happy memories of fantastic walks, interesting tours and, of course, the unsurpassed hospitality at Mountain Magnolia Inn, Hot Springs.

    Liz Chrystall   01 Sep 12, 5:50 am

  • I vote for Hot Springs Magnolia Inn – finest in the Blue Ridge! Beautiful view from Magnolia Inn. A visit to the Hot Springs is a must! Hospitality, food , shopping , and the Hot Springs are a must! The town is unique..

    Faye White   01 Sep 12, 2:48 am

  • I vote for Hot Springs Magnolia Inn – finest in the Blue Ridge! Beautiful view from Magnolia Inn. A visit to the Hot Springs is a must! Hospitality, food shopping , and shopping. The Hot Springs are a must! The town is unique..

    Faye White   01 Sep 12, 1:15 am

  • Beautiful location in the appalachians. Best pork loin dish ever at the Mountain Magnolia Inn.

    Jeanne   31 Aug 12, 9:21 pm

  • Beautiful location in the appalachians. Best pork loin dish ever at the Mountain Magnolia Inn.

    Jeanne   31 Aug 12, 9:21 pm

  • I love Lewisberg W.V. and have family in Fayettville W.V. But Davis W.V. is truly a mountain town. I’ve been at all three during all seasons and Davis is just amazing, but winter is the greatest! Quiet, crisp breeze, and the people are real. LOVE IT!!!!!

    Jeffrey P. Kincaid   31 Aug 12, 8:58 pm

  • Hot Springs, North Carolina is a great place! Go visit!

    Haney Jones   31 Aug 12, 6:22 pm

  • Fantastic place.

    Genesis Chester   31 Aug 12, 6:03 pm

  • Loved our stay at Hot Springs. Surrounded by beautiful drives in the mountains. Despite being a small town they had wonderful food and activities. My wife and I will certainly go again.

    Jason Wake   31 Aug 12, 5:59 pm

  • Hot Springs rocks! Spa, great places to stay including Mountain Magnolia Inn and Laughing Heart Lodge, great food choices, hiking, camping, rafting, fishing, and the Appalachian Trail runs right through the town!

    Suzanne Blievernicht   31 Aug 12, 5:16 pm

  • Mountain magnolia inn in hot springs is a great secluded get away!!!! Live soaking at the hot springs spa and enjoying the Appalachian trail and local charm!

    Olivia Weyant   31 Aug 12, 4:48 pm

  • Awesome!!!!

    Heather   31 Aug 12, 4:36 pm

  • Hot Springs, NC is the best mountain town hot spot!

    Maureen Shaw   31 Aug 12, 4:31 pm

  • Davis you’ll never find another place with friendlier people or better scenery.

    Ron Cathell   30 Aug 12, 10:05 am

  • Davis is wonderful and home to some of the friendliest people on earth.

    Stacia   28 Aug 12, 11:58 pm

  • Davis, Davis, Davis—-woohoo, Davis!

    Lynn Grasso   28 Aug 12, 9:31 pm

  • One of the most beautiful places we’ve visited in a very long time!

    Trish & Chuck McBride   28 Aug 12, 9:11 am

  • Chattanooga, Tn.

    Kelly   27 Aug 12, 9:51 pm

  • Love Chattanooga TN

    Ron Lee   27 Aug 12, 9:51 pm

  • @ Peter Simpson – b/c its named Blue Ridge Outdoors.

    Jan   27 Aug 12, 8:57 pm

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  • fun stuff

    susan goodale   27 Aug 12, 1:21 pm

  • Pretty places to check out,thanks

    pam beavers   27 Aug 12, 1:13 pm

  • Love the mountains, the people and the small town atmosphere of Blairsville, GA. JAN

    Jean A Nethery   27 Aug 12, 10:30 am

  • Love the mountains, the people and the small town atmosphere of Blairsville, GA. Wouldn’t trade living here for any other place on earth. JAN

    Jean A Nethery   27 Aug 12, 10:29 am

  • You will not find a better mountain town then DAVIS, WV. Our family continues to return year after year to the peacefulness that a vacation should have! People are friendly, great little family restaurants and the nest dog-gone scenery every direction you look!! By far the best of those in this contest, and I hv been to all of them…..

    Lori Zadell burnett   27 Aug 12, 9:42 am

  • I vote for Davis, WV!! Is this how I vote? I can’t see any other voting area on the page. If this is incorrect, someone tell me so I can get my real vote in!

    Nicole Martin   27 Aug 12, 7:39 am

  • Roanoke va

    Leanne Cobb   27 Aug 12, 7:36 am

  • Asheville, NC is my hometown

    Bonnie Nesdall   27 Aug 12, 6:48 am


    Leanne Cobb   26 Aug 12, 11:22 pm

  • Love these towns and happy to vote for places that I love to visit.
    I’m a Davis, WV fan. XC skiing, Downhill, backcounty, WV State Mountain biking championships. 100% locally owned and supported business. I may seem like a conspiracy theorist, but some towns seem to move up very quickly in a short amount of time. Did 98 people just vote for Lewisburg in the space of 30 minutes? On a Sunday night?

    29er   26 Aug 12, 9:19 pm

  • Davis and Thomas W.V. Want to get away from the city? Then visit these two towns.

    Craig Kozan   26 Aug 12, 12:29 pm

  • Looks like some towns have figured out how to vote more then once a day
    Lewisburg WV got almost 300 votes in about 3 hours

    Keith   25 Aug 12, 11:44 pm

  • Davis WV with the BEST pizza as well (Siriannis)

    Kim Pettry   25 Aug 12, 3:13 pm

  • is voting closed for best small town?? dont see anyway to vote.

    mary   25 Aug 12, 1:17 pm

  • Brevard, NC! Pisgah, Dupont, Music & Beer… we’ve got the best of everything including our people!

    Rick Nash   25 Aug 12, 12:43 pm

  • We recently found ourselves in Brevard, NC after a wedding in the area. It is a beautiful little town with lovely little shops everywhere. There’s a wonderful gelato place (Kiwi-lime I believe is the name) where I tried pink grapefruit gelato – it was the best stuff! The Phoenix Lounge – live music, great food (with interesting selections) was fun – live music, with both dining tables and comfortable sofas and oversized chairs in which to hang out with friends. My husband and I were there with our young adult children and they loved it too. We stayed a few miles away in cabins (Big Branch Cabins) and again, I was very impressed. The cabin was charming – comfortable and clean with every amenity – but decorated with antiques – so fun to look at that I took pictures to enjoy later. I can’t wait to go back…. I love Brevard!

    Gwen   25 Aug 12, 9:08 am

  • How do we vote daily??? The page keeps coming up with the results, and not the ability to vote again.

    Libby   24 Aug 12, 5:36 pm

  • Roanoke, VA

    Amanda Culicerto   24 Aug 12, 12:16 pm

  • […] I’ve been to Chattanooga, and DC is way sweeter.  Show DC some love and vote online here: […]

    » Help DC Win Best Outdoor City! Vote online now. Titan Of Trinidad   22 Aug 12, 9:37 am

  • Davis, WV is the best mountain town. It is beautiful there.

    Jennifer King   20 Aug 12, 11:29 am

  • Never ridden or hiked from downtown Davis? Come by the coffee shop and register to camp behind the building by the Blackwater River. By yourself a cup of coffee, register, and enjoy. Free now through 9-16-12 to support Revenge of the Rattlesnake and Best Small Mountain Town.

    Pete Johnson   19 Aug 12, 9:26 pm

  • Without a doubt – Davis, WV!!

    Amanda White   15 Aug 12, 3:09 pm

  • There’s nothing like Blairsville, GA. Beautiful scenery in all directions, fantastic camping (try Trackrock :), lots of festivals (June Highland Games a must), great golf, convenient to historic sites in every direction, and the most friendly folks one could find anywhere. We can’t wait to return.

    Charlie & Ted Dunbar   15 Aug 12, 10:10 am

  • I would have to agree with the ones who voted Davis WV. It is the most beautiful small mountain town. I love going there, especially in the fall with all the colorful leaves at the Blackwater Falls.

    Monica   15 Aug 12, 9:42 am

  • OH! Roanoke ,VA you are so good to come home to even after each travel from all over the world-you have everything my heart desires- one of the 3 cities in the whole big world that has a mountain (Mill Mt.) within the city? Located where the Blue Ridge Mts and Shenandoah surrounds you…rolling hills…mild 4 seasons all beautiful…nice people…clean…..delicious foods , great restaurants , music galore. The Roanoke Symphony , Opera Roanoke , Mill Mountain Theatre, Taubman Museum, many beautiful churches and houses of prayers, shopping, sports,Hotel Roanoke , schools n colleges……..come visit .

    marilyn donato   13 Aug 12, 10:39 pm

  • Blairsville is a beautiful place to slow down and get reacquainted with nature, loved ones, and one’s self.

    Marilyn Donahue   13 Aug 12, 10:08 pm

  • blairsville
    great people,great facilities and shopping
    wonderfull hiking and water recreation
    just a fun place to live and play

    paul rossmann   13 Aug 12, 3:25 pm

  • Blairsville is a wonderful place to live. However, we really don’t need any more residents, so please do not move here.

    Cullen Waters   13 Aug 12, 11:06 am

  • Too soon to comment.

    Waters   13 Aug 12, 10:06 am

  • Blue Ridge Georgia is #1

    Waldomountainman   13 Aug 12, 8:58 am

  • Take a whiff of the French Broad River upstream of Asheville and another downstream and tell me what you think of their true level of commitment to the environment. A true mtn town has respect, Asheville has an excellent promotion team.

    John   12 Aug 12, 4:22 pm

  • Brevard has one happenin small town experience in the mountains full of white squirrels , musicians, fine eateries, and the people are Amazing !

    Michael   12 Aug 12, 12:43 pm

  • Harrisonburg, VA

    Les Helmuth   12 Aug 12, 8:01 am

  • How do you vote for a town, Don’t see that on the site.

    Dave Gladwell   11 Aug 12, 7:57 pm

  • I spent my summers in Davis at my grandparents restaurant eating hot dogs hamburgers and riding my bike from Canaan to Blackwater Falls and out to the Blackwater dam. Now I can barely get on a bike and now they tell me hot dogs or hamburgers. That’s what Davis was to me, FREEDOM.

    Bob Elyard   11 Aug 12, 3:39 pm

  • I grew up in the neighboring town of Thomas,WV, which is also a great mountain town but Davis has Blackwater Falls and the canyon and Cannan Valley nearby ,this is truly a wonderful place to live if you can support yourself and family,jobs are very scarce and good jobs are non existent. If you love harsh winters and great summer weather this is the place to be, a nature lovers paradise.

    Mark Harper   11 Aug 12, 3:01 pm

  • Looking forward to receiving future emails.

    Jan Nelson   11 Aug 12, 9:18 am

  • Davis, WV! I live here and I absolutely love the scenery. There is nothing better than WV….

    Brooke Dumire   10 Aug 12, 2:21 pm

  • Roanoke Valley, VA. With the Appalachian Trail, Blue Ridge Parkway within the county and the New and James Rivers within an hour, you got all your hiking, climbing, biking,paddling needs with an emerging arts and music scene.

    Costas Farmakis   10 Aug 12, 12:22 pm

  • Davis, West Virginia is the best Mountain Town by far…
    Nature’s beauty at it’s Best! Wonderful slower pace, and great friendly people.
    That’s why we decided to come here to the Beautiful Mountains
    of West Virginia to live.

    Kathy Kotten   10 Aug 12, 11:50 am

  • We fell in Love with Davis during a family vacation. Such beauty where ever you looked and the folks are always friendly. Love the shops that line the road thats just across from the Black Water River… there good skiing, horseback riding, and golfing and neat little gallerys and speciality spice shops.. perfect for the home cook. Love it and hope to live there one day…

    Elizabeth   10 Aug 12, 9:58 am

  • Roanoke, VA

    heidi horne   10 Aug 12, 9:52 am

  • Chattanooga, Asheville, and Cashiers hands down

    Ricky Park   10 Aug 12, 8:58 am

  • Sure wished Hiawassee, Ga. were among those listed in the small town category. It has great places to eat, summer festivals nearby and music in the downtown. More importantly, it welcomes hikers on the nearby Appalachian Trail, the main road though town bisects Lake Chatuge , it has beautiful views to the north across the lake into the mountains of North Carolina, and is a great jumping off point for some solid trout fishing in nearby streams and rivers. Go visit and see!

    Steve Ciaccio   09 Aug 12, 8:42 pm

  • Almost heaven, Davis, West Va.

    Jeanne   09 Aug 12, 8:23 pm

  • Davis, WV

    Milan Nypl   09 Aug 12, 2:09 pm

  • Nice Town

    james crawford   09 Aug 12, 1:59 pm

  • Wonder why Hiawassee, GA is not included in the best mountain town list – located in the Northeast Georgia Mountains – share the highest point in Georgia with Union County (Blairsville, GA) and was just named an Appalachian Trail Community last September. My vote is for Hiawassee, GA .

    Candace Lee   09 Aug 12, 11:22 am

  • Why are there no mountain towns on your list in the Northeast USA?

    Peter Simpson   09 Aug 12, 10:07 am

  • […] thank you to Libby Black for bringing this to my attention… please click here now and cast your vote for Brevard (I […]

    Vote for Brevard – Best Small Mountain Town in USA! | I Love Brevard blog   09 Aug 12, 9:56 am

  • i really should have added: whitewater rafting, New River Gorge Bridge, skiing within 1-2 hours, lots of out door activities. Base jumping from Bridge in Oct.

    cheryl ratliff   08 Aug 12, 8:55 pm

  • I live in Fayetteville, WV from Michigan. Love it here.

    cheryl ratliff   08 Aug 12, 8:03 pm

  • Didn’t see Floyd VA on this list…it is a fantastic small mountain town!!

    Pat Moses   07 Aug 12, 3:07 pm

  • The best 3 things about Roanoke is:
    1) The Transportation Museum
    2) The O.Winston Link Museum
    3) The “Star On The Mountain”
    Lee Barry, Bristol,Va.

    Lee Barrry   07 Aug 12, 2:34 pm

  • Mid-sized: Blacksburg, VA.

    Jonathan   07 Aug 12, 1:46 pm

  • I enjoy the small town and the friendly people. The atmosphere is very soothing. It is relaxing looking at the peaceful view of the mountains . To fill my lungs full of the crisp mountain air. There is nothing like it. To just get away from all of the hussle of life and to relax and know that when i get up in the morning to get that cup of coffee i know what my view is gonna be( The Beauty Of Life ) Nature in its own way .

    treva cooper   06 Aug 12, 7:39 pm

  • My roots are from Luray. Beautiful area!!

    Jane R lucas   06 Aug 12, 4:49 pm

  • Beautiful town!

    Leslie Pacheco   05 Aug 12, 2:12 pm

  • Just bought a home near Bakersville, NC. Want any information I can get.

    Annette Jennette   05 Aug 12, 11:39 am

  • Just bought a home near Bakersville, NC. Want any information I can get.

    Annette Jennette   05 Aug 12, 11:39 am

  • Asheville, NC

    Clif Oliver   05 Aug 12, 8:57 am

  • Asheville, NC

    Leah   05 Aug 12, 8:52 am

  • I love that place! I’ve been there too magical times and every opportunitie I get I’ll be back!

    Evelyn   05 Aug 12, 8:33 am

  • Go Asheville!

    Dottie   05 Aug 12, 7:40 am

  • What about Staunton VA- thats who I’d vote for!

    Lesley Ott   04 Aug 12, 11:09 pm

  • Hendersonville, NC

    Meredith   04 Aug 12, 11:42 am

  • Chattanooga, TN

    Diondra   04 Aug 12, 4:02 am

  • Chattanooga, Tennessee – For the best outdoor activities every direction you may want to go!

    Larry Garrett   03 Aug 12, 11:53 pm

  • Hot Springs has my vote. It is so beautiful. It has four seasons. Good friendly people and a wonderful history that is so enteresting.

    Shirlee   03 Aug 12, 5:03 pm

  • Ashville, N.C. and surrounding area can’t be beat for the beauty, and anything and everything you can see and do. It’s a wonderful place to be anytime of the year.

    Charlene   03 Aug 12, 4:17 pm

  • Go to full site and vote at bottom of page
    GO CHATT!!

    Greg   03 Aug 12, 12:37 pm

  • I love Chattanooga and the Ocoee River is a big plus for White Water Rafting, and the camping and hiking is fantastic!!!

    Sharon   03 Aug 12, 11:25 am

  • Love the mountains

    Sue Spruell   03 Aug 12, 8:21 am

  • Hot Springs NC is a good place to live. No traffic to deal with and only 45 min to Asheville . I vote for Hot Springs!

    Waco   02 Aug 12, 9:49 pm

  • Chattanooga rocks! The urban revitalization of downtown rivals any I’ve seen

    Steve   02 Aug 12, 7:46 pm

  • Wenatchee, Wa.

    Mikki Goodman   02 Aug 12, 2:27 pm

  • How do you vote? I’d pick Luray, Charlottesville and Richmond.

    Danielle Emerson   02 Aug 12, 11:43 am

  • How do you vote?

    Trish Hamilton   02 Aug 12, 11:17 am

  • Brevard has it all. Transylvania County is 1/2 National Forest, National Park or State Parks and forests. The Blue Ridge Parkway meanders through the mountaintops with spectacular views. The cyclists have made this an important part of their training and competitions.
    The Brevard Music Center has students, performing faculty and guest national and international stars.
    We are nicknamed “The Land of Waterfalls” and have about 250 waterfalls, many within easy hiking distance. This includes the highest waterfalls in the eastern U.S., Whitewater Falls.
    The Arts flourish here and include programs at Brevard College.
    The downtown is very walkable with an abundance of fine restaurants, shops and coffee houses. The Transylvania Heritage Museum is a “must” part of the venue.

    Betty Sherrill   02 Aug 12, 9:32 am

  • I love Chattanooga

    Debbie   02 Aug 12, 8:23 am

  • I grew up in Davis, WV and I can tell you this place is the definition of a small mountain town! Friendly people, beautiful scenery, and home of USA Today’s Best Pizza in the state! I have travel up and down the eat coast from Canada to Mexico and I still think Davis is the most beautiful place I’ve ever been! Vote for Davis, it deserves this title!

    Lindsey Pacella   01 Aug 12, 5:17 pm

  • Hi there, simply turned into alert to your weblog thru Google, and located that it’s truly informative. I am going to be careful for brussels. I will be grateful if you happen to continue this in future. A lot of folks shall be benefited out of your writing. Cheers!

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  • Franklin NC
    Love our town. So much to do. Come for a visit and you’ll never want to leave.

    Pam   01 Aug 12, 1:51 pm

  • It’s really hard to vote for any other town in the “Mid-Sized” category than Asheville. As great of a college town as Charlottesville is, there’s a reason that both new Belgium and Sierra Nevada have decided to setup shop in Asheville. It truly is the mecca for outdoor sports in the Southeast. The thriving dining scene and nightlife certainly don’t hurt either.

    Doug Sahm   01 Aug 12, 12:14 pm

  • It’s really hard to vote for any other town in the “Mid-Sized” category than Asheville. As great of a college town as Charlottesville is, there’s a reason that both new Belgium and Sierra Nevada have decided to setup shop in Asheville. It truly is the mecca for outdoor sports in the Southeast.

    Doug Sahm   01 Aug 12, 12:14 pm

  • Chattanooga, Tennessee – outdoor activity each way you turn!

    David Eller   01 Aug 12, 12:09 pm

  • Chattanooga always something going on in area

    Larry Blaschka   01 Aug 12, 11:44 am

  • Chattanooga TN

    Gayle Oliver   01 Aug 12, 10:34 am

  • Where is the link to vote?

    Steph   01 Aug 12, 8:15 am

  • love it up in the smokies and at the shorelines too!

    Betty Kaminski   31 Jul 12, 10:30 pm

  • Would have to add Galax, VA. The music, New River Trail, short distance to Mt. Rogers, and much more. Plus, none of the traffic problems that some of the “small towns” listed are beginning to have. If you go for a visit, be sure to stop by Chestnut Creek School of the Arts which is right across from the Galax Smoke House…culture and good food on one corner.

    Ingles Alexander   31 Jul 12, 5:12 pm

  • Damascus, VA! The friendliest town on the AT, and by far one of the coolest places I have ever been!

    Beth   31 Jul 12, 3:05 pm

  • Franklin, NC (Gem Capital of the World) is the place to visit. Small town atmosphere, friendly folks to talk to, and still plenty of places to stay and eat. Not to mention the festivals like Folk Festival (Jul), Mountain High BBQ Festival (Aug), Pumpkinfest (Oct), Christmas Parade (Nov), and Winter Wonderland (Dec) to name a few. Plus the Smoky Mountain Center for the Performing Arts. Check the Franklin Chamber of Commerce website for plenty to do at

    Lee C   31 Jul 12, 2:43 pm

  • As much as I love Charlottesville I do not in any regard think of it as a mountain town. The town where “we do all of our shopping there and go there for church and for entertainment” is not what I associate with Mountains.
    Me thinks distribution of BRO contributes a great deal to this voting…..

    Derik   31 Jul 12, 2:13 pm

  • I quit reading your survey when I saw that Snowshoe /Slatyfork was left off the list. Not much point in touting Mt. Biking and other activities when the winner is left off of the list.

    Bill Davis   31 Jul 12, 1:24 pm

  • What about Sparta NC? Great little town!!

    Katie Black   31 Jul 12, 12:39 pm

  • I love Brevard, NC and, I’m sure if and when you visit, you will also fall in love with this small town.

    Maxie Hinshaw   31 Jul 12, 10:34 am

  • I vote for Hot Springs, North Carolina

    Ann Kent   31 Jul 12, 10:05 am

  • Davis WV

    Danette Mullenax   31 Jul 12, 8:43 am

  • I love the mountain towns of N. Carolina. Bryson City, Waynesville, Asheville.

    Patricia McGregor   31 Jul 12, 1:01 am

  • Makes me homesick for the mountains of N.C.

    Roberta Rayborn   30 Jul 12, 11:10 pm

  • We don’t live in Charlottesville, but we do all of our shopping there and go there for church and for entertainment.

    Joan Carrara   30 Jul 12, 8:02 pm

  • Charlottesville, VA

    Isabel Coleman   30 Jul 12, 7:43 pm

  • Charlotte is a great place to visit…especially the uptown area.

    Russ Ford   30 Jul 12, 7:17 pm

  • Charlotte is a great place to spend some time…especially the uptown area.

    Russ Ford   30 Jul 12, 7:15 pm

  • Nowhere else in the Smokies can you find as many ways to enjoy water as the Bryson City area offers.

    From mountain cascades and waterfalls to scenic rivers to the mighty Lake Fontana, you can fish, swim, ski, go boating, tubing, rafting and kayaking. Or if you’re more laid back, take an easy walk to three sparkling waterfalls just outside of town.

    Melissa Hayes   30 Jul 12, 6:31 pm

  • I say that Terra Alta is a great mountain town,come to Alpine lake and take in the view and atmosphere…… will love it

    Ralph   30 Jul 12, 5:11 pm

  • Small Mountain Town: Pembroke, VA
    Mid-Size City: Roanoake, VA
    Outdoor City: Charlotte, NC

    Ned Blair   30 Jul 12, 4:10 pm

  • How do you vote? The results are all that show up.

    Ginna Royce   30 Jul 12, 3:21 pm

  • Davis, WV is the Best Small Moutain Town. No franchises. Great little shops and eateries. It keeps drawing us back.

    Nicole Green   30 Jul 12, 3:14 pm

  • Morgantown, WV!!!! Home of the MOUNTAINeers! Scenic beauty and a hip college town nestled in the MOUNTAINS of West Virginia!

    Cindy C   30 Jul 12, 3:02 pm

  • I would like to vote for Morgantown, but when I pull up the link, it says I have already voted… what’s up with that? Please let me know if/what I am doing wrong.


    Becky Hutchinson   30 Jul 12, 12:00 pm

  • I was raised in Davis and you’ll never find another place with friendlier people or better scenery.

    Kim Bonner   30 Jul 12, 11:24 am

  • Hot Springs….quaint town nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.
    Ultimate getaway from the city….no traffic lights, peaceful, scenic.
    Walk the Appalachian Trail in town and follow it to the wilderness.
    Lots of outdoor activities…hiking, rafting, tubing, kayaking, fishing.
    Dining, shopping.

    Susan   30 Jul 12, 10:48 am

  • Quite alot of things to do in this small town.

    CATHERINE VANDEVENDER   30 Jul 12, 9:32 am

  • Davis, WV is a true Mountain town

    Eric Taylor   30 Jul 12, 9:22 am

  • Davis, WV. Scenery is wonderful, town is small, polite, anti-progressive, and well mannered.

    Beth Taylor   29 Jul 12, 10:12 pm

  • Davis, WV

    Dannie Dell   29 Jul 12, 9:23 pm

  • If you like getting away from the hustle and bustle of traffic, stop lights, tourists traps and just want to relax you must visit Hot Springs, NC. Hiking trails, swimming in the creeks, fishing, white water rafting, extrodinary cuisine at the Mountain Magnolia Inn, soak in the natural mineral water at the Hot Springs Spa, get a massage or just enjoy the quite small town atmosphere then you definetly need to visit this small town. Absolutely wonderful!!!

    Beth Slagle   29 Jul 12, 9:31 am

  • Cumberland, Maryland!

    lisa sheirer   28 Jul 12, 9:37 am

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