Best of the Blue Ridge

03 Oct 12
Best of the Blue Ridge

Thank you so much for voting in our Best of the Blue Ridge poll! We have now closed the voting, but be sure to pick up our January 2013 issue to see who came out on top. In the meantime be sure to read about the Best Mountain Towns!

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  • Please make spelling correction on the best of the blue ridge raft guide poll.Shanna Cromptons name is misspelled It should be spelled Shanna Crompton

    Blue   15 Nov 12, 12:03 pm

  • Shanna Crompton is the best guide ,with all ages of rafters. Ace should be very proud to have her as one of their top guides

    Blue   15 Nov 12, 12:00 pm

  • good survey

    jim   08 Nov 12, 3:28 pm

  • I want taken off that raft guide list, don’t wanna be on it, thank you

    Nick Nugget Parsons   08 Nov 12, 3:26 pm

  • Wild Wolf would have been a good addition for Blue Ridge Beer.

    Annie Hulen   08 Nov 12, 1:40 pm

  • Cool survey. Looking forward to seeing the results.

    Sherry Colvin   05 Nov 12, 9:50 pm

  • NAVITAT was incredible!! The guides Mike & Casey were great! My wife and I had a great time. First time zipping. Will definatly do it again. Thanks guys for an amazing experience!!!

    Mike B   02 Nov 12, 3:05 pm

  • Best By FAR

    Micki Freeman   02 Nov 12, 2:18 pm

  • When I was released from active duty at Ft Bevoire VA, My wife and I traveled downt the Parkway back to Florida. The beauty and splendor was amazing and changed with every curve. I believe the first day we made about 30 miles since we stopped at every lookout and marveled at the scenes. God certainly used his paint brush in wide strokes to create such an amazing wonder. I would love to go back.

    Robert Cox   30 Oct 12, 8:00 am

  • Your poll sucks.Your hitting a certain type and class of outdoor types –
    Extremes. You have lost your way on who your readers and supoporters are.
    Times do change but your have become narrow in your scope. Time to move on.

    Shawn B   28 Oct 12, 8:35 am

  • Good luck to all entries

    Sharon Pearson   26 Oct 12, 8:59 am

  • Where was the Rock CLimbing category? Those are some cliffs on the New River Gorge!!!! How about Adventure on the Gorge climbing leader Cooper Varney? Some climber!!!!!!

    kmach   25 Oct 12, 11:34 pm

  • Mad Anthony Run – best new run!

    Lynne Gilbert   25 Oct 12, 9:10 pm

  • Linc Stallings is the best raft guide ever!! FSU!!!

    Rosalita   25 Oct 12, 3:45 pm

  • Linc Stallings is the best raft guide ever!!

    Rose Saturday   25 Oct 12, 3:44 pm

  • Sorry, I couldn’t vote for the best fest food (It said I “couldn’t access this file”, so I wrote them in as a Write In submission. Mmmmmmmmmmmm..Choooocolate!

    Babette Warvel   22 Oct 12, 11:13 am

  • Winterplace best ski resort in WV

    Lilly   21 Oct 12, 5:47 pm

  • I notice that Mossy Creek is listed as both a Private Fly Fishing Access and a Public Fly Fishing Access. It is a Public access and should not be listed in both categories. Thank you.

    Judith Sivonda   20 Oct 12, 11:47 pm

  • where do you put your favorite place in Blue Ridge?

    LeAnn Martin   19 Oct 12, 9:23 am

  • yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee hawwwwwwwwwwwww poop de poop

    vic   18 Oct 12, 2:17 pm

  • yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee hawwwwwwwwwwwww

    vic   18 Oct 12, 2:16 pm

  • Comment

    Stephanie Keener   18 Oct 12, 12:30 pm

  • Vote for Stephan Reid, he is a great guide and he gives you the time of your life

    Diane Rice   17 Oct 12, 8:27 am

  • w

    t   16 Oct 12, 1:39 pm

  • should have tied a remark to the national championship downhill bike race @ Beech

    jim hughes   16 Oct 12, 9:42 am

  • We have many people staying at wintergreen, va. for our wedding next week and all through this, Wintergreen has been so helpful, accomodating, etc. It has been a pleasure working with them. We have been to many ski resorts, and Wintergreen is one of the most beautiful, no matter what season.

    Dottie winter   14 Oct 12, 3:35 pm

  • Timberline has the best learn to ski program in the Mid-Atlantic.

    timmy   14 Oct 12, 11:13 am

  • North Georgia Canopy Tours: Beautiful views and acreage – fun and exciting zip lines – great for the entire family.

    Robin   10 Oct 12, 5:32 pm

  • Life is good. Linc Stallings has mad skills.

    Hannah Reed   10 Oct 12, 1:20 pm

  • Beech is really catering to the extreme enthusiasts these days with the downhill biking, terrain parks, and festivals

    Sara Mullins   10 Oct 12, 10:37 am

  • North Carolina is the best place ever!

    Robert   09 Oct 12, 6:20 pm

  • Cathy is a tremendous raft guide with young, old, and all in-between!

    Roger Maness   08 Oct 12, 8:56 pm

  • Should have had Seven springs as an option for best place to learn to ski. Their ski school has been teaching our family for years and they are the best!

    S Sammie   08 Oct 12, 1:20 pm

  • We were disappointed to see that wild wolf was not included in your poll for best blue ridge beer.

    daniel wolf   08 Oct 12, 11:56 am

  • Wintergreen Ski Patrol named best in US by the National Ski Patrol.

    R. Armstrong   07 Oct 12, 11:48 am

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