Now Launching the 2015 Top Adventure College Tournament

11 Mar 15
Now Launching the 2015 Top Adventure College Tournament


March Madness ain’t just about basketball. Beginning March 9, Blue Ridge Outdoors’ Top Adventure College Tournament gives the power to our readers to determine which school will be deemed the “Best Outdoor School” in the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic. Colleges and universities meet in head-to-head matchups in a 32-school bracket. In each contest, the school receiving the most votes advances to the next round.

Larger schools with over 10,000 students will battle on one side of the bracket, while smaller schools with fewer than 10,000 students square off on the other side. The two division winners face off in a David-meets-Goliath championship to determine the regions’ best outdoor school.

The initial 32 colleges and universities were selected for their outdoor clubs and curricula, their commitment to outdoor and environmental initiatives, the quality of their outdoor athletes and programs, and their opportunities for adventure.

Will your alma mater take the tournament crown? Rally students, alumni, and supporters around your college or university. Voting begins March 9. Each week, winners advance to the next round of the tournament.

Round of 32: March 9 -15
Sweet 16: March 16 – 22
Elite 8: March 23 – 29
Final Four: March 30 – April 5
Championship: April 6 – April 12

VOTE NOW! Click here to vote and to view the complete 32-school bracket.


  • I vote MONTREAT! Also having trouble pulling up link.

    Caroline   27 Mar 15, 6:43 am

  • Not working for me either as of 26/March. I vote Montreat College.

    Beth   26 Mar 15, 11:38 am

  • The webpage will open up but it will not show the bracket so I have not been able to vote the past couple days. It’s not a connection issue on my end since I have tried it multiple places.

    Lee   26 Mar 15, 11:27 am

  • Vicky the link has been working. We apologize you have been having troubles but perhaps it is a connection issue? Because it has been such a popular poll it takes a little longer to load than most pages. Thanks for your patience.

    Jess Daddio   26 Mar 15, 9:02 am

  • Your link has not worked in 2 days. Need to register 2 votes for WCU for me during that malfunction time. Thanks.

    Vicky Smathers   26 Mar 15, 12:35 am

  • I vote Montreat college

    Diamond   25 Mar 15, 11:30 pm

  • I vote for WCU

    Bill Burnett   25 Mar 15, 8:18 pm

  • I vote for Maryville College

    Joyce Keen   24 Mar 15, 8:11 am