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The Trail Post is our weekly newsletter, designed to keep readers up to date on what’s happening. There’s a lot happening on the website that regular magazine readers may not be aware of, so we use the Trail Post to narrow that gap. We’ve got daily blog updates from runners, hikers, paddlers, music aficionados, and the Blue Ridge Outdoors editorial staff. We’ve got races & events. We’ve got contests, gear giveaways, and vacation packages. We’ve got everything you need to stay on Trail.




Weekend Picks is our bi-weekly newsletter, tailored to help our readers make their weekend plans. We want to help you get outside and enjoy the great outdoors, and we use Weekend Picks to bring you activities, destinations, and events that are happening throughout the Blue Ridge. Packed with directions, maps, local knowledge, and more makes the Weekend Picks a surefire way to have an unforgettable weekend.

Weekend Picks

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