Trail Mix September 2013: Free Music Download

28 Aug 13
Trail Mix September 2013: Free Music Download
Tim O'Brien & Darrell Scott.

Watching any given month of Trail Mix coming together is always an interesting process.  From time to time, a month will take on a certain flavor, tapping into a particular vibe.  As the days of August dwindled and the final tracks of the September mix rolled in, that was certainly the case.

This month’s Trail Mix is an Americana gem, with lots of bluegrass, old time, and singer/songwriter material that is really hard to beat.

Right out of the gate we have a tune that, recently, I described as being a nearly perfect song.  Tim O’Brien and Darrell Scott have long been two of my favorite songwriters.  Whenever they collaborate, goodness happens.  We are lucky to have “Brother Wind,” an older O’Brien tune, in our opening slot.  Scott and O’Brien included the tune on their recent release, Memories and Moments.

Check out the great bluegrassy sounds of  Chris Jones & The Night Drivers and Ron Block, who is typically out on the road with Allison Krauss & Union Station, and the good time old time feel of The Sweetback Sisters, Finnders & Youngerg, and Old Buck.

Trail Mix is also really big on the new record from The Whiskey Gentry.  “Dixie,” featured here this month, is a killer tune.

Make sure to explore new material from Deer Tick, Peter Cooper, Julian Lage and Chris Eldridge, and much more on our free music download.  Take a listen, spread the word, and get out and buy music from the artists.  Catch them at a venue near you.  And tune into the Trail Mix blog; we’ll be giving away some music and festival tickets this month.


  1. Tim O’Brien & Darrell Scott – Brother Wind
  2. Acoustic Syndicate – Heroes
  3. Andrea Tomasi – Birdflower
  4. Big Sandy & His Fly Rite Boys – What A Dream It’s Been
  5. Blair Crimmins & The Hookers – It’s All Over Now
  6. Chris Eldridge & Julian Lage – For Critter
  7. Chris Jones & The Night Drivers – Lonely Comes Easy
  8. Dan Miraldi – Lovebomb!
  9. Deer Tick – The Dream’s In The Ditch
  10. Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors – Good Light
  11. Drew Kennedy – Good Carpentry
  12. Finnders & Youngberg – Diner
  13. Austin Lucas – Alone In Memphis
  14. Odd Us – Home
  15. Old Buck – Icy Mountain
  16. Peter Cooper – Opening Day
  17. Ron Block – Ivy
  18. Susanna & Ensemble Neon – Oh, I Am Stuck
  19. The Horse’s Ha – Dying Tree
  20. The Sweetback Sisters – I Got A Bulldog
  21. The Whiskey Gentry – Dixie


  • Track 17 in September’s zip file is missing (Susanna and Ensemble Neon). In the previous August file, the entire contents were zipped inside the download, making the download twice its normal size.

    Kevin   30 Aug 13, 8:24 am

  • Yep, Kevin. We got permission to use that track as “stream only.”

    Dave   30 Aug 13, 9:31 am

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