Abbi Bagwell

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Fridays on the Fly | Drink Beer. Tie Flies. Socialize.

One of the things WNC has become known for over the past few years is its breweries. All across the Southeast breweries are popping up...

Fridays on The Fly: Carpé Diem

Abbi Bagwell seizes the day with a carp fishing expedition in Knoxville, Tennessee

Fridays on the Fly: Abbi Bagwell on the 11-Mile Challenge

Join Flymen Fishing Company's Abbi Bagwell as she takes on Trout Unlimited's 11-mile challenge.

Fridays on the Fly: Abbi Bagwell Confronts Her Streamer Addiction Head-on

In this week's 'Fridays on the Fly' we caught up with rising-star Abbi Bagwell to get her thoughts on all things streamers.