Adam Ritter

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The Shuttle Situation

Have you ever arrived at the put-in to a river you've never paddled with not much of a shuttle plan in place? We have.

Becoming “Big Ups” Again

On the white blaze, Adam is known as "Big Ups." Check out his Appalachian Trail Days recap from our weekend in Damascus, Virginia!

An Abundance of Life

Once considered one of the most polluted and endangered rivers in the country, the Cheat River in West Virginia now holds an abundance of life.

A Familiar Feeling

Adam, known as "Big Ups" on the trail, revisits the Blackrock section of the Appalachian Trail for the first time since his thru-hike. How does it feel? Familiar.

The Compromise

A hike to Old Rag Mountain, the jewel of Shenandoah National Park, leaves us a little overwhelmed. Is it ever possible for a trail to become too popular?