Alicia Hudelson

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BRO Athletes | Alicia Hudelson Runs the Smokies in a Day

SCAR is the name for the "Smokies Challenge Adventure Run," a runners' challenge that involves running the entire 72 miles of the Appalachian Trail that go across the Smoky Mountains, all in under 24 hours.

BRO Athletes | Alicia Hudelson on Runnning the Peak District of England

Adventures Further Afield: Running in the Peak District, England

BRO Athletes: Alicia Hudelson and the Mystery Mountain 12-Miler

Join BRO Athlete Alicia Hudelson as she sets out to conquer the Mystery Mountain 12 Miler in the mountains of North Georgia.

BRO ATHLETES: Quest for the Crest

BRO Athlete Alicia Hudelson sets out on a Quest for the Crest