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Bon Voyage Blue Ridge

Goodbye for now Blue Ridge. Much like the geese I'll be heading south for the winter.

Healthy Tip#36728: Shake the Leaves

This week's healthy tip is to reach out to those distant branches, find the time to hang out, and shake the leaves of the family tree.

Wilderness Adventure at Eagle Landing

Wilderness Adventure @ Eagle Landing is a year-round outdoor retreat center and summer camp located just outside Roanoke in New Castle, VA.

Adventure Thirsty

And without a need to know more, to see whats behind every door, without this Adventure Thirst, then the question can be reversed; Why?

Healthy Tip #24378: Hunker Down

This week's healthy tip is to weather the storm, pour yourself something warm, huddle up and hunker down.

Taking a Breath’s not until I step outside and take a breath, do I feel the sudden relaxation that the natural world provides.