Brad Lane

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Commit to the Trip

A common occurrence in the active community is a little known ailment that goes by Insufficient Commitment Disorder.

Healthy Tip#35415: Get Lost

This week’s healthy tip is to get in over your knees, head out into this big world, and get lost a bit.

Appalachian Trail Ghost Story

To not have a good ghost story ready at hand in these situations is like forgetting to bring the graham crackers.

Weekend Getaway: Fayetteville, West Virginia

From its endless list of adventure activities Fayetteville, West Virginia never struggles to keep busy.

Healthy Tip#98461: Chop Some Wood

Sharpen your axe, get out the ole’ chopping block, and follow this week’s health tip by chopping some wood.

Marathon Pursuit (2/3): Going for the Long Run

The sore feet and achy knees, the long stretch of road, and the shear amount of time to keep yourself entertained; a lot goes into running