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Are coyotes filling the wolf’s niche as one of the dominant predators of the Appalachians? -Elaine Early, Barnardsville, N.C.

Driving east on I-64 into Charlottesville early one morning, I glimpsed what looked like a medium-sized dog dart across the highway. Straight and fast and focused, it shot across four lanes of traffic, up the right hand embankment and away. It took me a few seconds to register what I’d seen. This was no confused and starving wild dog—this was a full-grown, healthy coyote....
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“Great Old Broad” Rose Chilcoat

Rose Chilcoat doesn’t mind being called an old broad. She’s one of the outspoken leaders of the Great Old Broads for Wilderness—a national, grassroots nonprofit organization of mainly senior citizen women dedicated to protecting the roadless public lands of America....
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Free Fallin’

“If you’re so inclined, now’s the time to pray,” booms our skydive instructor, Frank “The Tank” Avila. He yanks my harness so tightly that we are spooned together like a married couple. Under any other circumstance, I would blush. But Frank, I remind myself, is my lifeline for the next several minutes. I surrender to the experience....