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Anne Lundblad and Annette Bednosky: WNC Women Stun the World

June 26, 2005 will long be remembered in the Blue Ridge as the best day women’s running history... Anne Lundblad and Annette Bednosky are good friends, tough competitors, and inspiring role models. They shared their post-race thoughts with BRO:

Beginner’s Guide: Backpacking

Backpacking beginner? Ask the Experts How do I decide what type of boots to buy? Different boots are compatible with different feet. Make sure you try on...

Fox Mountain Guides

ASK THE EXPERTS Adam Fox is the owner/operator of Fox Mountain Guides. Originally from the UK, Fox has climbed all over the world and has...

Woody’s Mountain Bikes

ASK THE EXPERTS Woody (he refuses to use a last name, like Cher) owns and operates Woody’s Mountain Bikes in Helen, Georgia, one of the...

Sarah Harmer: "I’m a Mountain"

OK, so maybe she is a Canuck, but on her new release “I’m a Mountain,” angelic-voiced folkie Sarah Hammer has embraced her inner-Appalachia.

Are coyotes filling the wolf’s niche as one of the dominant predators of the Appalachians? -Elaine Early, Barnardsville, N.C.

Driving east on I-64 into Charlottesville early one morning, I glimpsed what looked like a medium-sized dog dart across the highway. Straight and fast and focused, it shot across four lanes of traffic, up the right hand embankment and away. It took me a few seconds to register what I’d seen. This was no confused and starving wild dog—this was a full-grown, healthy coyote.