Chris Hipgrave

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BRO Athletes: Chris Hipgrave Sets A New Ocoee Race Record

"I was pretty tanked and the push to the finish line hurt. But the result was good … a new Ocoee course record time of 28’58” and the overall race win."

BRO Athletes: Chris Hipgrave Takes on the Little Tybee Challenge

Some events stand the test of time and carve strong enduring memories. The Little Tybee Challenge is one of these races for me.

BRO Athletes: Chris Hipgrave’s 2016 Paddlesport Picks

BRO Athlete Chris Hipgrave shares his favorite new paddling products for 2016!

BRO Athletes: Chris Hipgrave at the Chattahoochee River Race and Festival

Join BRO Athlete Chris Hipgrave as he takes on the Chattahoochee River Race and Festival.

BRO ATHLETES: Chris Hipgrave Wins Powell River Regatta

Join Paddling Pro Chris Hipgrave as he recaps an impressive win at the inaugural Powell River Regatta.