Doug Moss

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Is the World Going Extinct?

I heard that species of flora and fauna are dying at a growing rate globally. How is this calculated and which types of species are dwindling faster?

What’s in Your Soda?

Dear EarthTalk: I drink diet soda but I’m told it’s bad for me and linked to health problems. Is this true and if so can you suggest any healthier alternatives?

Beverage Bottle Battle

Beverage containers make up a whopping 5.6 percent of the overall U.S. waste stream, so every bottle and can that gets recycled counts toward freeing up landfill space.

Wet vs. Dry Cleaning

The EPA is encouraging drycleaners to make the switch to greener solvents.

Steaming With Plastic: Is It Safe?

While you may never know for sure whether the plastic parts in a food steamer will contribute to health problems down the road, why gamble?

Facebook Footprint: Social Media and the Environment

If all computers sold in the U.S. met Energy Star requirements, Americans could pocket $1.8 billion annually in saved energy costs