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Dog Sledding the South

Mushers train and race in the Appalachians for epic Alaskan adventures like the Iditarod. And they don't need no stinkin' snow to be competitive with the big dogs up North.

The BRO 100

100 foolproof, failsafe, airtight, guaranteed, tried-and-tested things for you to do this year, from our calendar to yours.

Hats Off to Henry Heatwole

Big Meadows Lodge as it looked in '67 - Photo by Henry Heatwole as featured at Guide to SNP In my last post I mentioned...

Deer Shenandoah,

The other day I lit off early in the morning for Shenandoah National Park to gather some info and whet my thirst for the...

Snow Junkies

Adrenaline addicts who crave powder.

DIY: Freestyle Backpacking

My friend Ryan Baxter and I are hiking southward up the A.T. Trail on the north side of Mt. Rogers headed towards the Old...