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Rails-to-Trails Roundup

Call it land recycling at its finest or the industrial revolution in reverse—taking abandoned railroad corridors and turning them into trails. The practice actually started in the mid-1960s, but lately the development of Rail Trails is exploding.

Yonder Mountain String Band

Colorado’s Yonder Mountain String Band has been doing it right through the grassroots grind—big festival bills, theatre sell-outs, and their own indie label. Apparently, though, they don’t feel like resting on their laurels.

Footbagging Frenzy: Hacky Sacking in the Southeast

Footbag isn’t just the sport you played in the parking lot after school. In fact a lot of people take it quite seriously. It’s been competitive sport in several forms since the 1970’s—with a substantial number of footbag tournaments and festivals held around the world every year.