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Mountain Mama on Living the Boat Life

Living on a boat takes some getting accustomed to. Find out how Mountain Mama is coping.

Mountain Mama | Becoming My Own Anchor

There are so many milestones for us during this sailing trip. The first time we raised the sails, the first time Maya’s ever slept...

Mountain Mama | Parenting in the Public Eye

After months of planning and preparation, Mountain Mama has finally arrived in the islands.

Mountain Mama | Rediscovering Holiday Joy

This Christmas Eve Santa delivered every paddler’s dream to Western North Carolina.

Mountain Mama | Escape to the Linville Gorge

With unexpected and unseasonably warm weather gracing Western North Carolina this weekend, Mountain Mama packs up and heads for the scenic Linville Gorge.

Mountain Mama | Packing for the Islands

It’s getting real – Tobin and I leave in ten days for the Islands.