Ky Delaney

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Mountain Mama: Finding the Work-Play Balance

For me, the prelude to summer has been a blur. Everywhere I see photos on social media of people floating on lakes and camping in the forest, backdrops of blue and green.

Mountain Mama: Chasing Dreams

"Everything else ceased existing for me except that moment, fixating on where I wanted to be going over the waterfall. The closer I got to the drop, the bigger it looked."

Mountain Mama Paddles the North Fork (Finally)

Over the years whenever a friend told me about someone who got stuck in the eddy of doom or busted a boat paddling the North Fork, I took it as proof that I didn’t belong paddling there.

Mountain Mama: Experiencing Loss and Remembering Joy

Sometimes remembering joy turns on the story we tell ourselves.

Mountain Mama: How Sarah Ruhlen is Redefining Kayaking Videos

Sarah Ruhlen hopes that her all-female edit for this year's Tallulah Fest helps create a more expansive view of what it means to paddle whitewater.

Stand Up for Nature

Dear paddler, biker, runner, climber, hiker, and all-around outdoor lover.