Liam Gayter

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Uncharted Waters: Offshore Drilling Along the Eastern Seaboard

In January Secretary Ryan Zinke of the United States Department of Interior announced a proposal that would open over 90 percent of Outer Continental...

Hard Fought: Backpacking Buff Empowers Women to Hike

In an age where we are constantly bombarded by the media, Jayne Fought empowers women and helps them connect with nature by teaching them how to backpack.

Meditation in Motion: Finding Mindfulness on the Slackline

“It’s a really intense feeling to only have one inch of nylon webbing between you and hundreds of feet. You can feel the exposure,...

The future of Appalachian Power is Renewable

Chris Beam, the new president of Appalachian Power, plans to move towards renewable energy in hopes to attract large businesses to West Virginia, Virginia,...

The East coast Will Be a Lyme disease war zone this year

With the growing blacklegged tick population, the East coast is expected to have a Lyme disease ridden summer.

18 minutes without oxygen: Can humans learn survival secrets from naked mole rats?

Naked mole rats continue to defy what's known about mammals, possessing the ability to survive without oxygen.