Liam Gayter

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Park Perk: National Parks support twice as many jobs as fossil fuels

Visitation and employment in our national parks continues to grow, but funding for park infrastructure and maintenance has not.

Brighter Future: Mountaintop Mine Receives a Makeover

BEG, which specializes in coal extraction, plans to use a retired mountaintop strip mine as the location of Kentucky's largest solar farm.

Southern Rock: 685-acre climbing area added to Chattanooga park

Chattanooga's renowned climbing scene just got even better. A new 685-acre plot of land called Denny Cove, which features more than 150 climbing routes,...

Black Bear Cub Receives Life-Saving Blood Transfusion

A black bear cub is rescued with a life-saving blood transfusion in Tennessee.

Made to be Broken: The tale of the A.T. record-breaking Speedgoat

Red Bull's documentary, "Made to be Broken" on Karl Meltzer and his record-setting time on the historic Appalachian Trail

Horns for Sale: South Africa lifts ban on rhino horn trade

South Africa makes the selling of rhino horns legal, lifting a decades-old ban that could have serious consequences for this endangered species.