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Bent Mountain Tree-Sit Ends: Pipeline Protesters Ordered Down by Federal Judge

Red and Minor Terry end a 34-day tree sit aimed at halting the Mountain Valley Pipeline through their property. Another tree sit continues nearby.

The Tree Sitters: Activists Have Halted Pipeline Construction

Pipeline protesters take the trees to halt clearcutting and construction. 61-year-old Red Terry and her daughter are tree-sitting on their own land to stop the pipeline from being constructed through their property.

Flashpoint: Wilderness Under Assault

A GOP bid to allow bikes in wilderness threatens to crack a conservation coalition. In mid-November, the House Committee on Natural Resources voted 22-18 to add...

The Dark Lord Rises: Don Blankenship and the West Virginia Senate

Don Blankenship, one of the most hated men in West Virginia is planning to run for Senate.

Rebel Yell

Is the Sagebrush Rebellion Headed East?

Fat Girl Running: Mirna Valerio is Out With a New Book

Mirna Valerio challenges every possible stereotype about weight, African-Americans, and the South in her new memoir.