Mason Adams

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The Places We Love Too Much

Appalachia’s most crowded outdoor gems and some less busy alternatives.

Happy Trails: New Beerways and Liquor Trails Lead to Classic Blue Ridge Adventures

These five favorite beerways and liquor trails lead to classic Blue Ridge adventures.

Trump and the Outdoors

How will the new administration affect your favorite public lands?

Fire on the Mountain

Wildfires in Appalachia have taken 14 lives and destroyed over 700 homes and businesses. What caused the fires, who started them—and why?

Pay to Play: Is it Time for ‘Non-Take’ Recreationalists to Pay Up?

Hunters and fishermen have paid for conservation since the ’30s. Maybe it’s time for other outdoor recreationalists to ante up.

Unsolved Mysteries: 4 Crimes and Disapearances from Public Lands in the Southeast

At least three out of the four cases profiled here involve foul play, and investigators still are pursuing leads even decades later.