Michael Hill

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Listen up: Escape the effects of noise pollution

What effects do noise pollution have on our lives?

All About Timing: Mother Nature’s Calendar is Changing

About three years ago I was introduced to phenology, the study of the cyclical timing of natural phenomena.

Field Notes from the People’s Climate March

We spilled out onto the sidewalk at the Metro station in Springfield, VA, after an overnight ride of fitful sleep on a chartered bus from Asheville, N.C.

Hillbilly Environmentalist: Like Them or Not, Regulations Protect your Health

This call to action is for anyone who cares about human and environmental health.

Hillbilly Environmentalist: Good News and Encouraging Trends

Despite the disappointing news constantly coming out of Washington, some positive trends on climate change and renewable energy are emerging.

Hillbilly Environmentalist: Cultivating Wildness

Reintroduce wildness to your backyard and to your spirit.