Sam Koerber

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Trans-Sylvania Epic Race Retrospective

Sore legs, lost teeth, and great times at adult summer camp, the Trans-Sylvania Epic

Mountain Biking: Storms

We don’t ride Pisgah to be cool, we just ride it because we can, and because when we’re done, and the aches subside, nostalgia takes hold and you only remember the goods.

Pisgah Gods

Pisgah was in a good mood and I’m smiling back, legs are sore too.

Looking at Numbers

I never planned on wearing a heart rate monitor. I didn’t ask for one for Christmas.

The Boof

I’m really just talking about bouncing the front wheel, let the back one ride the trail, and maybe give it a little English if it needs it.

Blue Ridge Racing

Don’t expect any cutting edge training tips but I will share some stories and some thoughts as I make my way towards the race. Join me for a ride; lets see where it goes.