One Convenient Trail Guide for Bikers in the Alleghany Highlands

Trail users come with different skill levels and different challenges in mind.  Mountain bikers seek challenging rides with hills and curves. Long distance hikers enjoy a peaceful trail with panoramic views. Equestrians like a safe place to ride that’s easily accessible. Thankfully, the Alleghany Highlands of Virginia has plenty of trails for all of these outdoor activities and they are all included in one convenient trail guide.


The Alleghany Highlands has a reputation as a great destination for outdoor recreation, but hikers, bikers and riders are continually amazed at the number and variety of trails.  Douthat State Park is well known for its outstanding mountain biking trails. The Jackson River Scenic Trail is a multi-use trail that runs parallel to the Jackson River offering nice views and fun experiences for bikers, walkers and trail runners. While these may be the best-known opportunities, there are many more — over 100 miles of trails in all ranging from easy to challenging.


To help visitors choose a trail to suit their skill level, the Alleghany Highlands Chamber of Commerce and Tourism has compiled a trail guide and website dedicated to the region’s many trails. Copies of the guide are available free as well as online at

The secret is out. With so many opportunities for outdoor recreation on the region’s trails as well as on its rivers and lakes, people have discovered that the Alleghany Highlands is the perfect place to go for outdoor fun.

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