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Pedals of Joy

I have a bottle opener on my backpack, a bottle opener on my belt buckle, one on my bike tool…and yet, I often find myself without a bottle opener when I need it most. Like at the end of a long mountain bike ride, when I’m at some gravel trailhead in the middle of nowhere. Having a cold beer and no way to open that cold beer is like living in the third ring of hell. Luckily, the bike is a beautiful, functional tool. Not only can it get you from point A to point B while raising your heart rate and building solid quads, it can open your beer when you get there.

There are probably half a dozen different nooks and crannies on your typical bike that work as a makeshift bottle opener. I’ve seen a guy open a beer with a spinning wheel before. Don’t try that at home. The easiest bottle opener on your bike is beneath your feet. Those standard Shimano SPD’s were practically designed with beer drinkers in mind. Just wedge the bottle cap into the pedal nook of your choice, apply a little pressure, and twist.

Check out the video above and never go thirsty again.

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