BikingRace Ahead: Middle Mountain Momma, Douthat State Park, Virginia

Race Ahead: Middle Mountain Momma, Douthat State Park, Virginia

Middle Mountain Momma Mountain (M3) Bike Race, May 4, 2014 — Douthat State Park, Millboro, Va.

The Middle Mountain Momma mountain bike races (County of Bath and Alleghany) include an XC (21 miles), XXC (40 miles), Beginner, Kids, and High School events in one of the most popular off-road  bike races in the region.sponsored-event-1

Race Registration: 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. The XXC race begins at 9:30 a.m. and the kids race is at 10:30. Main races begin at Noon.

Race distances range from 40 miles, to 21 miles, to 11 miles (beginner), to 5 miles for the kids race. XC Classes: All remaining classes begin on one-two minute staggers starting at 12:00 p.m.; 1) Pro/Semi-Pro Men/Expert Men, 2) Junior Expert  3)Masters/Veterans (sport & expert)  4) Pro/Semi-Pro/Expert Women  5) Sport men 6) Sport women 7) Junior sport 8) All Beginners.

According to organizers, “The course provides mass-quantities of singletrack and it’s almost entirely unduplicated trail. There’s so much singletrack you might actually seek something wider after a while. Moreover, about the only non-singletrack sections of the 21-mile-one-lap race are the short start road, a few yards of asphalt, and that is it. And not only is it singletrack, it is majestic singletrack.”MMMfinal2 (2)

Visit for all the details and lodging information you need to know on Sunday, May 4! Claim points toward the WVMBA Ultra Series. Register on-site or online.

Race Contact: Kyle Inman

Email: [email protected]Phone: (540) 529-0462

The M3 was rated one of the top Mountain Bike events in the region by Blue Ridge Outdoors magazine in 2010.

To get there: Douthat State Park is located 50 minutes north of Roanoke and 45 minutes west of Lexington. From Lexington, take I-64 west to first Clifton Forge exit (220 south and 629). Take 629 straight into Douthat State Park. From the south, take Daleville exit 150 off I-81 to 220 north. Proceed north on 220 until reaching Clifton Forge, and the end of 220. Take right towards 64. Go straight under 64 (the road turns into 629). Continue straight for 4 miles into Douthat State Park.

Find them on Twitter @VirginiaMTB.


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