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Off Road Trails, a mountain biking guide to Tennessee

The full-color glossy guide features 31 trail systems organized by city (Knoxville, Chattanooga, Nashville, Tri-Cities). Each system has fold-out topo maps, high quality pictures, and exhaustively researched descriptions. Tanasi, Big South Fork, Raccoon Mountain—all of the major fat tire destinations are detailed, including a couple of destinations we weren’t familiar with, like Franklin State Forest near Sewanee, which has 24 miles of singletrack and 30 miles of dirt roads.

“People don’t necessarily travel to Tennessee for mountain biking, but there’s so much variety here,” says author Elle Colquitt. Her favorite trail system in the book? Montgomery Bell State Park, which has 20 miles of mostly singletrack with a fast, smooth flow. Some of the harder purpose-built trails even come complete with moguls and whoop-de-doos.

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