BikingTrauma Tuesday: Downhill Mountain Biking Fail Edition

Trauma Tuesday: Downhill Mountain Biking Fail Edition

Ha. Bike Magic dubbed this the “Most Epic of MTB Fails.” That may be overkill, but this is a fairly awesome fail, and it does have MTB.

Downhill mountain biking is a discipline that is taking off here on the East Coast, and for good reason. It looks like a blast, albeit a breakneck, balls-out, super-dangerous blast. The guys that can pull it off make it look easy; the guys that can’t end up in viral videos. This one starts off innocuously enough with a few bros hanging out waiting to drop in. Dude in blue and white takes the lead with confidence as our hero follows with the GoPro. Things are looking good for a hot second as the trail looks buffed and the first drop goes swimmingly for both riders. Then we hit the straight away, and things get interesting…


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