BikingTrauma Tuesday: Mountain Bike Fails Edition

Trauma Tuesday: Mountain Bike Fails Edition

Ooof, mountain biking. Has there ever been a crueler mistress?

The speed is alluring, the downhill intoxicating, the air invigorating, the crashes shoulder-separating, the diggers spine-compress-orating. This┬ácompilation has something for everyone, from low-speed, clipped in tumbles, to 30-foot airs that go terribly, horribly wrong. I can see how skiers and snowboarders can pop up from a wreck since they are usually in snow, but it is beyond me how some of these riders can get back up, or even survive for that matter, after taking shots from the dirt, their bike, or any other inanimate, unmoving object they plow themselves into. Regardless, it’s a good thing someone is around to enjoy these mountain bike fails.


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