An expansive and highly diversified 3,400-acre haven awaits eager campers on private, protected land in Western North Carolina. Each summer, bright young naturalists from across the region come to the Green River Preserve to wander its streams, mountains and woodlands under the guidance of trained and experienced staff members. The land abounds with natural formations yet to be discovered by the adventurous youth who frequent it. From lush meadows and clear streams to dramatic overlooks and mysterious caves, there’s seemingly no end to the many wonders you might encounter. This place is the perfect alleviation to nature deficit disorder.

While most campers attend Green River Preserve primarily to heed the call of the wild, the property’s top-notch man-made facilities also beckon the attention of its visitors. The Green River Preserve base camp is comprised of the main lodge and dining hall, boasting two massive stone fireplaces, perfect for story-telling. There are also playing fields, pavilions, and a custom-built climbing tower on the property. A talented staff lead campers through a summer chock full of hikes, leisure skills, and group learning projects.

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