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The overall purpose of Camp Carolina is to make a boy’s summer camp safe, fun, memorable, and a valuable factor in his complete development. The philosophy of Camp Carolina centers around simplicity of life, importance of self-reliance, value of human relations, wonders of nature, respect for property and resources and the challenge of high adventure summer camps. THIS IS THE FIRST DAY OF THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!


The gong rings signaling the start of another very exiting spontaneous day filled with awesome activities and exciting trips out of camp.;


All the boys line up at the door before the announcer enthusiastically yells into the microphone “let ‘em in, let ‘em in, let ‘em in!!” Breakfast is eaten, tables cleared, sign up for trips out of camp and then the dining hall erupts into a frenzy as everyone attempts to blow the roof off with their chants! WE’VE NEVER HAD A QUIET MEAL AT CAMP CAROLINA!

9:00—Cabin clean up.

It is time to get your cabin looking good! The tidier your cabin is, the better your chance is of getting in the line first for the Biltmore Train—all you can eat ice cream, every Sunday!

9:30-12:20—Morning Activities and Trips out of Camp

Once the gong rings – it’s out to the athletic fields, skate park, tennis courts, climbing wall, waterfront and many other places around camp to start your activities. If you don’t feel like going to your in camp activity, why not go on one of the many trips out of camp that you can sign up for after breakfast: caving, mountain biking, mountain boarding, wakeboarding, kayaking, hiking, sea kayaking, horseback riding and paintball just to mention a few.&

12:20-12:45—Free Swim/Free Time/Vita Pups

It’s time to cool off from the morning with some swimming OR maybe you just want to chill with your friends in your cabin OR why not get an extremely delicious vita-pup to help you cool off OR check out the way cool items in the camp store…it’s your free time!

1:00-3:00—Lunch/Rest Hour

“Let ‘em in, Let ‘em in, Let ‘em in” Lunch is served! Eat up, clean up, make some noise then grab your mail and head back to the cabin with your counselor to enjoy an hour of rest and relaxation.

3:00-5:25—Afternoon Activities/Trips out of Camp

Now that you’ve got your energy back, it’s back out to the fields, lakes, rivers and trails to resume activities for the afternoon.

5:25-6:15—Free time/Showers

Now’s the time to try some different activities and maybe swing by the vita pup stand, then head up to your cabin and grab a shower. Please remember to use soap!

6:30-7:30—Dinner is served!

Let ‘em in, Let ‘em in, Let ‘em in! We’ve never had a quiet meal at Camp Carolina!

7:30-9:00—Evening Programs

Every night ends with an evening program such as a tribal song contest, shaving cream battle, cabin skit contest, a magician or a movie and popcorn.

9:00—Call to Quarters/Lights Out;

The day comes to a close with all boys and counselors heading back to their cabins. The day falls silent and everyone gets some much needed sleep. Tomorrow we do it all again. WHAT A DAY! BOY AM I ENTHSIASTIC!;

For more information, visit, email [email protected], or call 1-800-551-9136.

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