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Gear That Rocks

Photo by Dillan Forsey

It’s a good thing Kelsey and Connor Scott paid attention during high school Home Ec. The brothers moved to Chattanooga to be closer to the climbing and bouldering and quickly decided they needed to build a better chalk bag. Using their mom’s sewing machine, some scrap fabric, and the minimal sewing skills they picked up in Home Economics, the brothers crafted their first chalk bags. Five years later, the Scotts have a legit outdoor gear and apparel business called Granola, specializing in handmade chalk bags and backpacks. “I read Let My People Go Surfing and was feeling pretty pumped after that,” says older brother Kelsey Scott, of their decision to turn a hobby into a gear business. And Kelsey is still pumped, particularly since he and his brother just signed a deal with Diamond Brand that will increase the production and distribution of Granola, while still allowing them to perform R&D and testing in Chattanooga.

We asked the brothers to name their five favorite pieces of gear for a bouldering session. Here’s what they came up with.

NO. 1 Chaco Updraft Ecotread

These are our approach shoes. In the fall and winter, we convert them into “Sacos” for bouldering. You don’t have to tie your shoes from boulder to boulder. It’s a pain in the ass to tie your shoes. $95

chaco updraft_FIX

NO. 2 Petzl Tikka +

We always take headlamps. That’s key, so you can keep climbing until dark and then hike out without breaking an ankle. $39.95

E97HT Tikka+ turquoise_FIX

NO. 3 Ice Breaker Oasis Long Sleeve Crewe

They’re warm in the winter, but also really breathable because of the Merino wool. Most importantly, you can wear them for three days straight and they don’t reek as bad as polyester. $100


NO. 4 Stanley Steel Flask

This might be the most important piece of gear. We always fill it with bourbon before we go out. It’s ideal for bouldering season, when it’s 40 degrees and you need a little burn. We can’t leave the house without it. $18

Adv - SS Flask - 8oz - Hmrtne Grn_FIX

NO. 5 Granola Chalk Bag

Every one of these bags is a little unique because we use different colors and patterns. And the fleece on the inside is made out of recycled soda bottles, and it’s really warm in the winter. $26

granola chalk_FIX

NO. 6 Deuter AirLite 22

A lightweight, efficient all-purpose pack that’s perfect for bouldering sessions or day hiking. $109;

Studio für Werbefotografie Augsburg/Würzburg/Hamburg. Professionelle Photographie in den Bereichen Image, People, Stills, Industrie & Architektur.
Studio für Werbefotografie Augsburg/Würzburg/Hamburg. Professionelle Photographie in den Bereichen Image, People, Stills, Industrie & Architektur.

NO. 7 Oboz Sundog

The Sundog provides aggressive traction from 4mm deep lugs yet flexes naturally and has a light feel for the ground. $100


NO. 8 Bridgedale Speed Trail Socks

These are our go-to socks for race day on trails. The Merino ventilated socks handle water and grit like a champ. $19.95

612 182 Speed Trail 715 Lime_FIX

NO. 9 Ternua Jannu

This form-fitting jacket is featherweight, windproof, and downproof, constructed with top-of-the-line Pertex Quantum fabric and insulation originally developed for U.S. Special Forces. Its Polartec stretch side mesh and fill offers comfortable insulation and superior freedom of movement for winter adventure. $220


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