Trauma Tuesday: Just Like Paradise Version

Who knew David Lee Roth could rock climb? He probably can’t, but there he is on Yosemite’s Half Dome, swinging like a bird and sending it like a rock star. This video is so 80’s they should send the digital file into space so the whole universe is aware of what went down. Extreme sports were just on the rise, neon was firmly established as the fashion motif of choice for the outdoorsman, rock climbing was sooooo in, as were music videos splicing staged concert footage and the artist doing something completely random, like climbing Half Dome. Also: a triple-necked, heart-shaped guitar? EPIC!

Charles Bottomley called “Just Like Paradise,” released in 1988, “a polished ode to decadence, with a chorus you would be unashamed to punch the air to,” which makes sense. Whether you are forever traumatized by the song, the video, or both, only DLR could pull this off and live to sing the tale.

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