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Free Online Yoga Classes

Namaste in Nature was planning on an official launch of the 2020 season this week but it’s crazy how much the world has changed recently. We are confident that life and business will return to normal-ish again soon, but until then, we are sharing the tools we use to stay happy and healthy via the following FREE videos. Now, more than ever, it’s important to put extra effort into maintaining your mental, physical and emotional health. Even if you’ve never practiced yoga or meditation or hiking before, here are 108 reasons (health benefits) as to why you should give it a try or keep maintaining your current practiceVideo 1 – “10 Minute Sensory Meditation to Calm Down and Boost Immunity A 10-minute sensory meditation that will get us out of our heads and into our bodies. https://youtu.be/y1a1dZzlWy8

Video 2 – “How To: Walking Meditation (Calm Down & Boost Immunity)” A guided walking/hiking meditation designed to get you outside into the fresh air and sunshine, which has been scientifically proven to help boost immunity or speed illness recovery. https://youtu.be/VhFprM6jgIY

Video 3 – “Gentle Yoga for A Healthy Immune System” A gentle, immune-boosting yoga asana practice with plenty of twists and folds to help refresh the sinuses and detox the body. https://youtu.be/M8DyopN6klY

And here’s a bonus video {45-Minute Spring Yoga Flow for Balance & Intention Setting} for the Spring Equinox yesterday! https://youtu.be/J2r4GSoaFrw 

We will be so grateful if you subscribe to our Youtube channel and/or share these videos with colleagues, customers, friends and family. It’s FREE and we will be releasing many more yoga and meditation videos over the next several days and weeks that you can practice from the safety and comfort of your home. It will also help us work towards recovering lost income (getting paid by YouTube) from not being able to teach yoga in person right now. Sending some happy & healthy vibes your way and Happy Spring Equinox!

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