Pisgah National Forest announces additional closures of roads, trails and dispersed campsites

Overlook of Pisgah National Forest from Getty Images

On Tuesday, Pisgah National Forest announced the closure of a number of popular roads, trails and campsites in response to current federal, state and local guidance for social distancing. The closures are effective until August 13, 2020, or until rescinded, and impact trails in the Appalachian, Grandfather and Pisgah ranger districts.

Forest order number 08-11-07-20-071 prohibits the public from being on the roads and trails, entering or using a developed recreation site, or camping in the following areas:

Appalachian Ranger District road closures

FS Road 63- Stony Fork Road

FS Road 63A- Hawksbill Creek Road

FS Road 74- Big Ivy Road

FS Road 472- South Toe River Road

FS Road 472A- Busick Road

FS Road 2074- Neals Creek Road

Appalachian Ranger District trail closures

FS Trail 161- Big Butt

FS Trail 162- Douglas Falls

FS Trail 165- Walker Creek

FS Trail 166- Elk Pen

FS Trail 170- Snowball

FS Trail 173- Upper Corner Rock

FS Trail 174- Little Andy

FS Trail 175- Perkins

FS Trail 176- Bear Pen

FS Trail 179- Black Mountain Crest 

FS Trail 182- Green Knob

FS Trail 183- Stair Creek

FS Trail 184- Laurel Gap

FS Trail 190- Mount Mitchell

FS Trail 191- Buncombe Horse

FS Trail 191A- Big Tom Gap

FS Trail 195- Roaring Fork Falls

FS Trail 197- Setrock

FS Trail 200- River Loop

FS Trail 285- Fork Ridge

FS Trail 286- Jerry Miller

FS Trail 287- Green Ridge

FS Trail 292- Hickey Fork

FS Trail 293- Whiteoak

FS Trail 295- Roundtop Ridge

FS Trail 296- Shutin Creek

FS Trail 300- Cherry Creek

FS Trail 302- Cold Springs Horse

FS Trail 304- Buckeye Ridge Horse

FS Trail 306- Max Patch Loop

FS Trail 308- Lover’s Leap

FS Trail 308A- Overmountain Victory Trail (from Roaring Creek to AT)

FS Trail 309- Pump Gap Loop

FS Trail 310- Laurel River

FS Trail 315- Groundhog Creek

FS Trail 440- Mountains to Sea

FS Trail 1003- Hemlock

FS Trail 1006- Briar Bottom

Elk Falls

Grandfather Ranger District road closures

FS Road 99- Table Rock Road

FS Road 116- Mortimer R.A. Road

FS Road 198- Chestnut Mountain Road

FS Road 228- Steeles Creek Road

FS Road 299- Brown Mountain Road

FS Road 451- Marks Mountain

FS Road 460 Old Fort Road

FS Road 464A- Lost Cove Road

FS Road 482- Curtis Creek Road

FS Road 496- New Gingercake Road

FS Road 982- Mortimer Piedmont Road

FS Road 2055- Boone Fork Road

FS Road 4096- Carroll Creek Road

FS Road 4101- Pearcy Creek Road

Grandfather Ranger District trail closures

FS Trail BM1A- Brown Mountain 1A

FS Trail BM1B- Brown Mountain 1B

FS Trail BM2- Elliot Deer

FS Trail BM3- Sullivan’s Pass

FS Trail BM4- Kirby’s Loop

FS Trail BM5- Ned’s Knob

FS Trail BM6- Miller Circle

FS Trail BM7- Richard’s Bypass

FS Trail BM8- Brown Mountain 8

FS Trail BM9- Brown Mountain 9

FS Trail BM10- Brown Mountain 10

FS Trail 214- Falls Branch

FS Trail 225- Catawba Falls

FS Trail 233- Spence Ridge

FS Trail 235- Shortoff

FS Trail 236- Little Table Rock

FS Trail 242- Table Rock Summit

FS Trail 243- Table Rock Gap

FS Trail 248- Hawksbill

Linville Falls Access

Pisgah Ranger District road closures

FS Road 97- Lickstone Road

FS Road 140- Courthouse Creek Road

FS Road 229- Pilot Mountain Road

FS Road 475B- Headwaters Road

FS Road 477- Avery Creek Road

FS Road 479- Bent Creek Road

FS Road 481- Powhatan Access Road

FS Road 816- Black Balsam Road

FS Road 1206- Yellow Gap Road

FS Road 5000- Wash Creek Road

Pisgah Ranger District trail closures

FS Trail 101- Ivestor Gap

FS Trail 105- Daniel Ridge Loop

FS Trail 114- Looking Glass Rock

FS Trail 117- Slick Rock Falls

FS Trail 120- Cat Gap

FS Trail 132- North Face

FS Trail 146- Art Loeb- Davidson River to Joel Branch FSR5002

FS Trail 146- Art Loeb- Black Balsam Road FSR816 to Camp Daniel Boone

FS Trail 318- Moore Cove

FS Trail 329- Campground Connector

FS Trail 355- Mt. Pisgah

FS Trail 356 Graveyard Ridge

FS Trail 356A- Graveyard Ridge

FS Trail 358- Graveyard Fields

FS Trail 358A- Upper Falls

FS Trail 358B- MST Access

FS Trail 363- Shining Creek

FS Trail 365- John Rock

FS Trail 499- Rainbow Falls

FS Trail 601- Sunwall

FS Trail 661- Hardtimes Gap

FS Trail 664- Deer Lake Lodge and FSR491

There are also a number of recreation sites closed. Click here for full details

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