ConferenceSeries llc.LTD will invite all the participants from globe to attend  17th  World  Congress on Drug Formulation & Drug Delivery in November 08-09, 2018 Auckland, New Zealand it serves as a space for interactions on relevant topics in the field of Pharmaceutical science. It involves Drug Design And Development,Computer Aided Drug Design ( CADD ),Biomarkers in Drug Design,Pre-Formulation & Formulation Aspects,Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics,Clinical Trails & Biotherapeutics, Innovative Drug Discovery and Nanotechnology,Novel Drug Delivery System,Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Discover Advancements,Drug Product Manufacturing,Chemical and Pharmaceutical Engineering,Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs, Bioequivalence Studies and Assessment,Recent advancements in BA/BE Research,Business Opportunities in Drug Delivery, NMR and Analysis of Small Organic Molecules. It will include keynotes,workshops,oral and poster presentations.