By the successful campaign of 2nd World Congress on Wind & Renewable Energy LLC ltd is very delighted to organize the “3rd World Congress on Wind & Renewable Energy 2019” during June 10-11, 2019 at  Barcelona , Spain

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On this propitious moment, we invite all the global participants to join us at Barcelona ,Spain for “Wind Energy”, where you will be sure to have a meaningful experience with industrial experts, professors, academic scholars from all around the world. Following are the tracks in the conference:

  1. Wind Power Technology and Instrumentation
  2. Wind Farms Construction
  3. Challenges In Wind and Renewable Energy
  4. Next Generation Wind Power
  5. Renewable and Sustainable Energy
  6. Solar Power Technology
  7. Hydro and Ocean Power Technology
  8. Bio Energy and Green Energy
  9. Graphene Technology in Power Generation
  10. Nano Technology for Renewable Energy
  11. Modern and Alternate Energy
  12. Conversion of Waste to Energy
  13. Global Energy Conservation and Management
  14. Global Trends in Renewable Energy Commercialization & Investment
  15. Environmental and Ecological Effects of Energy Production and Consumption
  16. Future Perspective of Power Generation/Supply