Every primitive society developed their own methods of harvesting wild game as an important part of their diet. Naturally, hundreds of successful techniques have been handed-down through the generations. Now, it’s your turn to learn five of these skills!
In this 2-night session, students will become proficient with at least five different tools, snares and traps and learn how to employ them: from the crawfish trap to the A-snare for medium game. This intermediate, in-depth course will challenge you to find the natural materials needed to create these useful implements from the forest around you. You will also learn the proper use and employment strategies that delivers a high-protein meal for yourself and others. This class is two and a half days long beginning midday on a Friday and ending Sunday afternoon. Animals are not captured or hurt as a consequence of this class. Join us today to get in on learning these life-sustaining skills and enjoy the fellowship of overnight camping with a small group of like-minded people. Breakfast is included. B.Y.O.T. (Bring your own tent).