We hope you can join us for a long weekend exploring the fantastic trails and back roads in the woods around our Spruce Knob campus. You will take multiple supported runs on various trails around the Seneca Creek Backcountry. You will learn about the trees, plants, wildlife and mushrooms that we find. You will have the opportunity to take clinics on stretching, strengthening and injury prevention as well as map reading, orienteering and off-trail navigation. You will enjoy relaxing evenings at the yurts with delicious food and laid-back social time.

This camp will provide two general tracks, one as an intro to trail running and another for more experienced trail runners who may be training for the WV Trilogy, another fall ultra-marathon, or just looking to enjoy a weekend of exploration with other trail runners.

  • Duration of runs can be adjusted to accommodate varying experience and fitness levels.
  • Lodging options include dorms, yurts and tent camping.
  • Altitude Training: Our campus is located at almost 5000′.
  • Typical August weather on Spruce Knob is significantly cooler than most other locations on the east coast.
  • Registration opens January 1, 2019.

    More information can be found at https://experience-learning.org/event/adult-running-camp-trilogy-trainer/