Morehead, Kentucky is now Kentucky’s go-to spot for trail running with the Big Turtle 50 Miler! The Big Turtle is a fun and challenging trail running event that follows the northern section of the Sheltowee Trace National Recreation Trail. Why Big Turtle? Well, back in the day the Shawnee gave Daniel Boone the nickname “Sheltowee” which means “Big Turtle.”

The race is an out and back course that runs from beautiful downtown Morehead to the northern terminus of the Sheltowee Trace and back. 50K-ers and 10 Milers turn back sooner.

This race will give you a little bit of everything: rolling meadows, steep climbs and descents, rugged terrain, creek crossings, fast forest roads, and amazing spring views of the surrounding foothills. The Big Turtle is a challenge that only a select few have been able to conquer. Sign up today to test yourself at one of the biggest trail races in Kentucky.

Start Time: 7:00am

Cut-Off: 7:00pm (12 hours)

Start Time: 9:00am

Cut-Off: 2:00pm (5 hours)

Start Time: 7:00am

Cut Off: 10:00pm (15 hours)