Camouflage, Movement and Stalking (2 days)
$135 if registered by July 14.
$175 thereafter.
Registration closes July 31.

​  Learning Objectives: Self-camouflage, environmental awareness, observation, movement techniques, stalking.
Since the dawn of time mankind has manipulated his appearance to remain unnoticed during a hunt or in battle. Years of careful observation taught him the methods of wolves and other predators to understand and mimic how they stalked prey. He also learned the significance of weather, sound and light and how it affected noise and movement. Understood was the notion that his stealth and self-discipline was the ultimate act between a feast or starvation; perhaps even life or death.
This intermediate 2-day class will cover the aspects of self-camouflage using only natural materials found in any wilderness environment. Students will also learn Native American movement techniques that allows them to travel unnoticed for the hunt, defense, or in combat. More than smearing mud on your body; students will experience challenging, but fun, practical excercies that will hone their newfound skills. Whether you’re a hunter, wildlife observer or enjoy a very intimate union with nature, this class is for you. Register here.