Get registered for the 3rd annual Get Outside Mountain Relay, May 31 – June 1, 2019.  Get Outside Mountain Relay (GOMR) is an innovative Hub and Spoke road relay, and the only one of its kind, where teams don’t have to rent vans.  12 runners (Gomers) run 36 segments of varying distance and difficulty of the GOMR course non-stop beginning Friday morning.

Think of a wheel:

The Hub is GOMR Village and is where GOMR teams camp for the weekend.  The Spokes are the shuttle routes where our volunteers take you out to your starting points and back to campus when you’re done with your leg (in a shuttle for less than 3 hours all weekend).  The Tire is the circular, 18 segment, 104-mile route around Alleghany County, NC that teams of 12 run, relay style, twice to complete the full GOMR challenge.  The 1/2 GOMR option is available for teams of 9.  Running Legs can be seen here.

Alleghany County is the “Unspoiled Province” in Northwestern North Carolina.  The route is challenging with over 45,000 feet of elevation change over the entire course (26,200′ of up and 26,200′ of down), but the views at the tops will leave you breathless (pun intended), and the serenity of running along our country roads help you reconnect with nature around you.

GOMR Village is the campus of Blue Ridge Christian School where everything but the running takes place.  Camp, eat, sleep, hang out, play games, listen to music, or just get to know your whole GOMR team in a relaxing environment when you aren’t running.

Teams load in on Thursday, May 30 and set up camp.  The running starts Friday morning in waves based on team speed.  Depending on your team’s pace, you should complete the course Saturday afternoon.

For more information, visit, email Donny McCall “Head Gomer” at, or call 336-363-4984.  We look forward to you being a part of the GOMR Nation.