June 23
Make Baskets & Cordage the Native Way (1 day)​

$59 if registered by June 2.
$79 thereafter.
Registration closes June 16.

The art of basket making is at least 10,000 years old, predating the use of sediments and fire to make clay pottery. It is the oldest and most widespread craft known to human civilization. Mankind has used baskets to carry items, collect food articles and used extensively even in the preparation of food including cooking.
As one of the common items we use in our daily lives, cordage (string, twine and rope) plays a significant roll in wilderness self-reliance. Early people used natural materials for this purpose to create the tools and other implements that enabled them to make shelter, hunt, trap and snare animals for food and make clothing. As a matter of survival, it’s no wonder why the skill to make cordage is one of the top-10 skills to master!
Join nationally celebrated Nancy Basket (yes, that’s her real name) in this two-part class to learn two seemingly different, but related, skills. First, students will receive natural materials like kudzu and pine straw and watch and follow the master basket weaver to create your own basket. After a lunch break, students will explore the reverse wrap method of turning tree bark into strong cordage: useful for binding, bows, traps and many other uses in outdoor living.