November 7-11
Wilderness Living Essentials (5 days)

$495 if registered by October 20.
$540 thereafter.
Registration closes November 3.

8:30 A.M. Wed. to 3 P.M. Sun.
This wilderness immersion course will take the student through three classes in 5 days. Offered here is the popular Survival Knife SkillsFundamental Wilderness Skills & the 5 Ways to Meat Intensive classes all rolled into one single 5-day session with a twist. Great way to catch up on missed classes during the cool, fall days!
Learn fundamental through expert knife tasks; earn the confidence of providing your own shelter and creating a friction fire; experience a journey through the woods foraging for wild edibles, sources of water and how to make it consumable; find the material around you to craft devices to capture meat for your dinner.
The more you know, the less you carry! This beginner through intermediate class will empower the student with a lightweight solution to surviving in the wilderness. Animals are not captured or hurt as a consequence of this class. Register here.