Chatter is a Monthly collection of Reader Reactions to previous BRO Issues

Wolf Wars

The last 100 red wolves on the planet need to be protected—not hunted to extinction. They belong in their wild, native habitat. We have become the greediest of species.

—Elizabeth O’Connell, Boulder, CO.


I’ve worked in the woods for 32 years and have never seen a mountain lion in the wild. Sure, we may have a few big cats in the woods, but they more than likely were pets who escaped their enclosures.

—Andrew Baril, Huntsville, Ala.


Eastern cougars are not extinct. They are routinely sighted in the Virginia mountains. I have seen one myself along Twelve O’Clock Knob Road in Roanoke County, Va. There is no mistaking an animal of that size with that tail, held low and parallel to the ground.

—Allen L., Roanoke, Va.

Millbillies, Murder, and Mayhem

I grew up in Gastonia, took the mandatory course in North Carolina history, and graduated from a local high school, yet I never learned Gastonia mill’s complex history until reading Wiley Cash’s article. It is a shame that this important part of Gastonia’s history was buried for decades. Cash has done a great service by shining a light on it.

—Richard Redano, Knoxville, Tenn.