The Secret Is Out

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A new video from the Alleghany Highlands reinforces what so many outdoor enthusiasts already know — The Alleghany Highlands of Virginia is a great place to go for all kinds of exceptional outdoor adventure.

The video takes the humorous approach of suggesting that paddlers, hikers, trail runners, picnickers, campers, cyclists and even horseback riders show up at the local visitor center flashmob style each day, then disperse for outdoor fun in the mountains. While you’re unlikely to find a horse grazing or someone practicing their fly-casting technique on the visitor center lawn, there is some truth to the video.

First, every kind of outdoor recreation portrayed in the video is available for visitors to the region. From challenging mountain bike trails at Douthat State Park to a family friendly ride along the Jackson River Scenic Trail. Road cyclists also enjoy the quiet back roads of the Alleghany Highlands. From backpackers looking for a multi-day trek to day hikers taking a short stroll in the woods – over 100 miles of trails offer a lot of variety. Speaking of trails, horse owners will love the equestrian amenities at Douthat. Don’t forget the fun on the water. The Alleghany Highlands Blueway consists of two lakes and two rivers, which means there is enough variety of paddling and fishing to satisfy everyone. Family camping, picnicking and even golf are great ways to enjoy being outdoors in this scenic mountain paradise.

Second, in recent years there has been a surge in interest in all that the Alleghany Highlands has to offer visitors. So, the secret really is out. The development of two highly successful initiatives in 2013 contributed to the region’s reputation as an outdoor lovers dream. A comprehensive trail guide and companion website ( launched at the same time as the Alleghany Highlands Blueway. Both projects have enticed visitors to the region.

“We welcome outdoor adventurers to the region,” says Teresa Hammond, Executive Director of the Alleghany Highlands Chamber of Commerce and Tourism. “We find that they cherish our natural resources just as much as we do.”

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