Fridays on the Fly: 5 Best Fly Fishing Subscription Boxes

What do beef, razors, clothing, bacon, carnivorous plants, and fly fishing gear have in common? You can get boxes of them delivered to your door every month. It’s a fascinating time we live in.

While subscription boxes aren’t a new thing, a number of fly fishing companies have jumped on the bandwagon in recent years, providing a new way to beef up your tackle box. While they may not be a go-to source of tackle for the die-hard fisherman, they provide a new way to try out new gear. From different fly patterns and styles to gear and stickers, these five fly fishing subscription boxes (say that five times fast), hold a little something for everyone.

Photo: PostFly

1. Post Fly – $19.99/mo

Hailed as the original monthly fly box, Post Fly is leading the pack, both in quality of products and presentation. These things just look so damn good. They have five different boxes and two plans to choose from, regular and guide series. Every box comes with a select assortment of flies, based on your location and season. Every box comes with a new leader, stickers, a guide, Trout Unlimited (TU) subscription, and accessories. They even offer a monthly fly tying box for those next-level fly fisherman looking to tie their own. If you’re not into the subscription thing, you can order products via their online store as well.

2.  The Fly Crate – $14.00/mo

The Fly Crate features three plans for trout that range from 6-12 flies, including a TU subscription, stickers, and a guidebook. Their bass plan, aptly named The Bucketmouth, features bass-specific flies and information. Like Post Fly, you can order flies, gear, and more via their online store (no subscription needed). For every 6 flies purchased, they donate one fly to Project Healing Waters two percent of all sales to help support disabled veterans.

3. Precision Fly Fishing – $19.99/mo

Based in Holly Springs, Pennsylvania, Precision Fly Fishing offers four types of subscription boxes: Trout, Warmwater, Saltwater, and Steelhead/Salmon. A fly tying box is in the works and will be on doorsteps soon. Boxes include everything from flies specific to where you’re fishing to the gadgets you need on the water. Subscriptions start at $19.99 a month, and of course, you get discounts for purchasing months in bulk. Like their competitors above, they offer items for sale individually in their online store. However, if you are a subscription member, you’ll get discounts on additional items you’d like added to your box.

4. Freestone Bug Box – $15.95/mo

Bug Box has a nice ring to it right? With the Freestone Bug Box, you get a dozen flies, an informative fly list, and a bonus item shipped to your door every month. Your new assortment of trout-hookers is delivered in a well packaged, reusable fly box. As an angler, I’m sure you’re aware that there is no such thing as too many fly boxes, right? If you’re looking for saltwater or bass flies, the options above are better suited for you. Freestone Bug Box only offers one subscription and they target one type of fish; trout.

5. Lucky Tackle Box – $25.99/mo

While their primary focus is on bass and gear fishing, they feature one fly fishing subscription. Every box comes with a card breaking down the flies included and a guide teaching you how to best use them. While it may seem limited, the Lucky Tackle Box is curated by Umpqua; the company responsible for creating some incredible fly patterns.

Pro Tip:  These folks run specials, bonuses, and other introductory offers. Simply subscribing to a newsletter when you go to order can get you an extra pack of flies, discounts, and more.

While a subscription box might not replace your local bait shop or outfitter, it’s a great way to get your hands on some new gear you might not otherwise try.

Justin Forrest is an outdoor writer, fly fishing addict, and co-founder of Narrative North—based in Asheville, N.C. He posts pictures of cats and fishing on Instagram sometimes.

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